**This review is ripe with spoilers and may come off as a bit ranty. But, as it is triggersome to me, I have every right to rant about it. Proceed with caution**

I only made it to page 80 of this book before I had to stop reading. Holy triggers. That’s all I can say. Dredged up some really bad memories for me.
I really, really wanted to like this book. I did. Even though the little blurb on the inside cover kind of annoyed me. Sadly, this book just made me want to toss it out a window. Perhaps run it over, too.

The main character, Elizabeth, has just turned 18 and is on her parent’s yacht celebrating with her friends. She awakens early in the morning after hearing a persistent thump, thump, thump sound. Turns out it’s her. She’s lying dead in the water. Apparently now she’s a ghost.

Then another dead kid shows up, and the mystery starts to build. How did she die? Why did she die? Was it an accident? Or was it murder?

I wanted to keep reading and try to figure it out. However, I couldn’t get past the irritating thoughts of Elizabeth and her incessant need to keep reminding the reader that she was “oh, so popular. Oh, so pretty. Oh, so blonde. Oh, so perfect." What a Mary Sue. Ugh. Her constant need to complain about how she looked when she died, and that she was too popular to die really grated on my nerves. Holy shallow, superficial bitch, Batman. Couldn’t stand her at all.

And then there was her friends and stepsister. They were, apparently, all blonde, too. It was like the Stepford Wives meets Mean Girls. They just don’t go together. Elizabeth would flashback to memories of her and her friends in school. Most of them involved either her sitting in the cafeteria while her douchebag friends made fun of the unpopular kids, or her with her mother, who was anorexic, discussing how girls should wear makeup and be beautiful on the outside, because, y’know, that’s oh, so fucking important. Why have intelligence and a personality when you can make yourself into an empty, brain-dead clown? So disgusting.

The book seemed to drag on, mostly with Elizabeth droning on and on about being dead, hating her spirit guide, Alex(one of the unpopular kids from school), being a superficial bitch, missing her friends, etc. I couldn’t stand it any longer. I could only think about the stuck-up snotty bitches I had to suffer through high school with. Triggered a lot of bad memories, like I said before. Hence why I gave up on it.

I did skim to the end and discovered that Elizabeth was the one to kill Alex(not surprising, ‘cause she’s a shallow, uncaring bimbo), and her stepsister, Josie, was the one who drowned her in the ocean. Oops. Didn’t bother reading why, ‘cause I don’t care, but yeah. That’s what happened.

Seriously, save yourself the trouble and bypass this book. Perhaps read something with a character a little less Mary-Sueish and with a much better plot.