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Zoey Rogue by Lizzy Ford

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**This review may contain possible spoilers**

Zoey Rogue is the first book in the Incubatti series by Lizzy Ford. It’s also more for adults, as it contains sexual situations and violence.

It has been compared to both 50 Shades and Buffy. However, I am here to say that while it is similar to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, it is in no way, shape, or form as bad as that garbage known as 50 Shades. It’s honestly much better. I’ll mention why later on.

Anyway, Zoey Rogue is about a twenty-two year old Halfling named Zoey. She’s half-human and half-Succubus. She’s also a Hunter; part of a group of other Halfling girls nicknamed Team R(the R stands for reject). Zoey’s missions are simple: rescue human girls from creatures known as Cambions. Cambions are also Halflings; half-human and half-Incubus.

Cambions are basically rapists. They take advantage of girls by drawing them in and using them to collect sex magic. Zoey and her team go out and kill these Cambions, taking the sex magic into themselves and then pushing it back out to use against the Cambions.

There are also full-blooded Incubuses and full-blooded Succubi. Each group has their own government system, if you will. And they are also sworn enemies. However, there is a bit of a small twist. Each Halfling on Team R has been marked by a full-blooded Incubus, meaning they are soul-mates.

To become a soul-mate, there is a rite that has to be completed. The rite consists of three strikes, all of which involve sex.

I won’t go into anymore details about that, though. Don’t wanna bog my review down.

There were a couple of things I had issues with in the story. Firstly, at the beginning, it was a bit hard to get into. It drew me in, but at the same time, I couldn’t resist rolling my eyes at the repetitiveness of the details. Some things just did not need to be repeated over and over. But after like the first 10% of the book or so, it got better. The repetition stopped and I was able to enjoy the book.

The other issue I had was during strike two of the rite. Now this will be spoiler-y, but I cannot help it. During strike two, when Zoey and Declan(the Incubus who marked her as his soul-mate) are having sex, Declan takes her from behind(meaning anal sex is involved). Then he goes back to fucking her vaginally. Now I don’t care if you’re human or a supernatural creature. That is an absolute no-no. You never go from ass to vagina when having sex because you can get an infection, and that is no fun whatsoever. So, yeah. I’m sure most people won’t care while reading that, but it did irk me.

Like I said before, this was compared to 50 Shades, but it’s nothing like that book. Whereas 50 Shades depicted an unhealthy, abusive BDSM relationship, Zoey Rogue doesn’t even involve any sort of BDSM. The closest thing that you could use to compare the two is the slight possessiveness with which Declan has for Zoey once they finish their rite and she becomes his soul-mate. He wants her and only her, and expects her to do the same for him. Zoey is resistant to him at first and wants to remain independent, but she does cave because he is the only one who can soothe her, calm her, and heal her with his magic. Without him, she becomes edgy and restless and usually ends up doing something stupid, which in turn gets her injured. Yes, that may seem a bit…cliche or whatever, but it’s nothing like 50 Shades. Zoey is capable of taking care of herself for the most part, and she is pretty bad-ass when on her missions.

This book was intriguing and kept my attention. There was the violence and the sex, but also the way it flowed. It made me want to keep reading to find out what was going to happen next. The ending sort of leaves you hanging and wanting more, but overall, it’s not a bad book. I am looking forward to reading the second one whenever it comes out.

Zoey Rogue will suck you in from the very first page and not let go until the very end. If you like books with supernatural creatures, romance/sex, violence, and a hint of political corruption(between the Succubi and Incubuses), then this book is one you should definitely give a chance.

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