**This review may contain a spoiler or two**
Dark Summer, which is a play on words(if you read the book, you’ll understand), is the first book in Lizzy Ford’s Witchling series. Obviously, it is about witches and magic.

The book starts off with Summer, an orphan, arriving in Idaho at yet another school. Summer is different, and she’s been sent to many schools, all of which have kicked her out because of her being different. She’s hoping that this time, things will change.

After being dropped off, Summer is greeted by a boy named Beck, who is a student at the school and is there to bring Summer into the fold. Beck is soon joined by his twin, Decker, who Summer finds a bit broody.

Once at the school, Summer meets Amber, the teacher of the Light students. Amber helps her get settled in, and then starts to go over some basic rules and other things with Summer about magick. Summer is a bit disbelieving, although she knows everything Amber says makes sense to her.

Summer also becomes the new target of Dawn, a rich, snotty girl who thinks she’s all that and a bag of chips because she’s rich, and dating Beck. Summer tries to see the good in Dawn, though. Her friend, Biji, however, is adamant that Summer see Dawn’s true colors, especially after incidents start happening, mainly targeting Summer or her new found friend, Tarzan, a baby deer whose mother was killed in the forest.

Summer knows she’s not supposed to be in the forest after dark, but she ends up there at least twice, and both times, she’s saved by Beck’s twin, Decker. Summer finds herself drawn to Decker, and she’s not sure why.

When Summer asks for dance lessons from one of the teachers at the school, having been invited to the upcoming dance by Beck, she ends up with Decker as a partner. Things start to get more and more intimate between them as his magick and hers mingle.

Things come to a head at the dance, and Summer ends up getting hurt. She ends up in Decker’s arms, and she realizes she’s wanted to be with him and he wants to be with her. Their magick belongs together; he has fire, water, spirit elements, and Summer has air and earth elements. Decker’s only worry is Summer won’t want to be with him when he turns 18. Decker is meant to become the Master of Fire and Night; the Master of the Dark. Beck is meant to become the Master of Light. Summer, however, makes a promise not to leave Decker, no matter what.

Near the end of the book, something major happens, and a breaking point is reached. Things get out of control, and I won’t say anything more, but let’s just say Dawn is the cause of everything that happens. The ending is very…harsh, if you will. And you really, really can’t help but want to throttle Dawn within an inch of her life.

I honestly cannot say anything else without spoiling the ending, but if you read the book, you’ll see why I mentioned the title is a play on words.

I am reading book two now, which is called Autumn Storm. So far, so good. I’m rather enjoying this series, and I think that if you guys like witches and magic that’s based around nature and the elements, you’ll be drawn into the Witchling series like I was. Definitely give this one a shot.