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Dark Vengeance Volume One by Jeff Mariotte

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**This review may contain a spoiler or two**

Dark Vengeance Volume 1 is actually the first two books in a four book series by Jeff Mariotte. Volume 1 contains Summer and Fall of the Witch Season series. And yes, this book involves witches/witchcraft.

In book one, Summer, Kerry Profitt and her friends are working at resort in California before returning to college in the fall. One day, after work, they discover a bloodied, bruised man laying in the bushes outside the house they share. The other want to take him to the hospital, but he pleads with Kerry not to involve the police or a hospital. She convinces her friends to take him into the house, which they do reluctantly, and she starts to take care of him.

Kerry discovers the man’s name is Daniel, and he happens to be a 300+ year old witch. He eventually heals and tells Kerry and her friends exactly what happened to him and what needs to be done to stop Season Howe, the other witch who killed his brother.

Summer isn’t too bad. It’s got action, a budding romance, and varies between third person and first person(which is when Kerry writes in her journal). It’s a quick read, but the ending sort of frustrated me.

In book two, Fall, Kerry and her friends, minus one, return to their respective lives at college. However, this is not something Kerry can enjoy now. The love of her life is gone, and all she can think about is revenge. So she packs up and leaves college, heading deep into the Great Dismal Swamp to find Daniel’s mother and get her to teach Kerry magic.

Meanwhile, Season is still out there, and when one of Kerry’s friends come across her, he realizes that perhaps there are some details about…everything that they’ve been missing. Kerry also realizes this when Season comes to find her and Mother Blessing.

The book is a bit slow and took me a while to get into and read. Not much action. Mostly a lot of Kerry writing in her journal and learning magic. Once the book ends, you have to wonder what could possibly happen next.

Overall, Dark Vengeance Volume 1 isn’t bad, but it’s a bit boring if you’re looking for magic battles and lots of action. Or romance. If you do want a quick read, though, this book might be worth picking up.

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