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Dark Vengeance Volume Two by Jeff Mariotte

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**This review may contain a spoiler or two**
Okay, so Dark Vengeance Volume 2 is a continuation of the Witch Season series by Jeff Mariotte. Volume 1 contained the books Summer and Fall. Volume 2 contains Winter and Spring, obviously.

In Winter, Kerry Profitt has left Mother Blessing and the Great Dismal Swamp behind. When things come to light that threaten to change what she thought she knew about Season Howe and Mother Blessing, Kerry knows she needs to seek out the truth. The only person who can give her that? Season Howe.

Kerry returns to California to stay with her friend Rebecca, but when her other friend Scott tracks down Season in New Hampshire, Kerry hops on a plane to go confront her.

Kerry agrees to give Season a chance to explain, but when Scott sees the two leaving in a vehicle together, he automatically assumes the worst. He chases after them, but loses them in a snow storm. Rounding up his ex girlfriend Brandy and Rebecca, the three of them try to figure out how best to save Kerry from Season. What they don’t know if that Mother Blessing is also on the prowl, looking for both Kerry and Season.

Things come to a head near the end of Winter, and when Spring starts, Rebecca, Scott, and Brandy all know the truth. Now it’s a race against time for Season and Kerry to make it to the Witches’ Convocation before Mother Blessing can stop them.

And when the truth finally comes to light at the Tribunal, Mother Blessing resorts to one last act to try and save herself. I won’t say what happens because I don’t want to spoil it, but Kerry is reunited with Daniel and the ending actually made me very sad.

Overall, Dark Vengeance Vol. 2 is much better than Vol. 1, in my opinion. Sure, it does sort of drag in a few spots, but it’s much more exciting and leaves you racing through the pages to see what could possibly happen next.

If you’re into witches and witchcraft and want to read a series that’s both intriguing, a little slow, but ultimately pretty decent, then give Witch Season a whirl. You may just enjoy it as much as I did.

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