**This review may contain a spoiler or two**
This was the first book I’ve read by Airicka Phoenix, but now I want to read all of them. I’m hooked!

Meet Sophia Valdez, a 17 year old high school girl with a semi-frustrating mother, a protective father, and a distaste for dresses. If she wasn’t a blonde, she would totally remind me of myself in a way(minus the father).

Sophie leads a pretty normal life, going to school and spending time with her friends Lauren and Jessie. She also had a friend named Joe. And she has a crush on popular boy Brian.

Enter Spencer, a blonde, tattooed hottie who Sophie immediately finds herself attracted to, but is quickly annoyed by him when he starts acting like a jerk. Spencer has just moved next door to Sophie with his sister and mother, who is leaving behind an unfaithful husband. Spencer is also leaving behind an unfaithful girlfriend.

Sophie’s mother quickly makes friends with Jackie, Spencer’s mom, and expects Sophie and Spencer to become friends, as well. Neither of them seems to like this idea, but things slowly start to thaw between the two of them.

When Sophie sneaks out to go to a party at Roy’s house(Brian’s friend), she spies Spencer there, too. But she ignores him…until three older guys who weren’t invited spot her in the hallway upstairs and come after her. She runs off and ends up in Spencer’s arms, and he protects her, even though she expected him to shove her away.

Someone begins harassing Sophie and Spencer once their friendship starts to bloom, and things get out of control really, really quickly. A car is trashed, a dead animal is left on Sophie’s doorstep, Spencer and Sophie are shot at with a BB gun. The longer they stick together, the more intense the attacks get. Neither knows who is behind them, but they’re desperate to figure it out, and fast, before either of them gets hurt.
Now, while reading the book, I thought it was pretty obvious who was behind the attacks. However, I didn’t want to believe it, only because I wanted to be wrong. I didn’t want it to be so easy to figure out. I won’t say whether or not I was right or wrong, because that would spoil it, but I’m sure if you read Games of Fire, you’ll understand where I’m coming from.

Overall, I thought the book was an intense, edge-of-your-seat thriller that had me flying through the pages(on my Kindle) to find out what would happen next. Sophie was likeable and relatable; Spencer seemed like a typical brooding bad boy with a soft spot; Lauren was annoying and made me want to slap her a few times; Jessie was a bit too nice for her own good; and Joe…he wasn’t around much, but when he was, you didn’t really know what to think of him.

If you’re look for some fast-paced intrigue, definitely get yourself a copy of Games of Fire. You won’t be disappointed.