**This book contains sexual situations/BDSM and is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18**

His Name Is Sir is the third book in Deena Ward’s Power to Please series. And let me tell you, this one is, in my opinion, the best one yet.
Nonnie has cut all ties with Michael now. She wants absolutely nothing to do with him. But she realizes something about herself. She is a natural born submissive and an exhibitionist, and she misses certain aspects of the relationship she had with him. So while on vacation with her friends, she goes off with this guy she’d been seeing named Josh and makes him have sex with her in public. They hide behind some bushes, but there is a huge chance of being seen if anyone walks past.

And get seen she does.

Realizing Josh isn’t what she needs, Nonnie breaks it off with him and goes back to her normal, everyday life. She works her job at a cosmetic company and does menial things until her friends from the BDSM community, The Hoytes, invite her to get involved in a play Elaine wrote for her husband Ron as a gift. Nonnie agrees, and that’s when things start to change, yet again, for her.

After the play, Nonnie meets up with Gibson Reeves again. She still doesn’t like him, but once she’s back home, she cannot seem to stop thinking about him. Then she receives an email from him that explains a lot. Gibson tells his side of the story, about how he and Michael are cousins, how they grew up, an the family drama that Michael embellished comes to light. Nonnie can’t help but believe Gibson after she thinks back to the things Michael has told her.

Giving Gibson a second chance is something she decides to do, and it starts to pay off. Gibson is in talks to buy the cosmetic company Nonnie works for. They have a little bit of bondage fun in her office while supposedly “talking” about the offer, which excites her to no end. Now seeing Gibson, Nonnie decides to take him to the Hoytes’ house for a celebration. There, she sees Michael, and he completely loses his mind over the fact that she is with his cousin. He becomes relentless with trying to get her back. And then she receives an email from Michael saying ‘Last Chance’.

Nonnie deletes the email without reading it, and things start to go downhill from there. What happens next is appalling, to say the least. It also proves that Michael is not only a terrible Dom, but a disgusting human being as well. Reading this scene from Nonnie’s POV made my heart race and my stomach roll with nausea. It also made me want to stab Michael repeatedly. I view that as a sign of a fantastic author; one who can elicit those types of emotions from their readers. All I can say without spoiling it is, you may want to proceed with a little bit of caution.

Nonnie completely freaks out, understandably, and goes to Elaine and Ron for help. Gibson eventually discovers the truth and begins doing damage control to try and help Nonnie regain some control over her life.
In the end, Nonnie decides to do something that, hopefully, will end up being good for her. There will be a fourth book out later this year, I believe, and I am hoping for a decent conclusion for Nonnie’s story.

Overall, His Name Is Sir is a powerful read. I enjoyed every second of this book, and I would highly recommend it if erotic fiction and/or BDSM is something you’re into. Definitely give this entire series a read.