**This review may contain spoilers**
Recalled is the first book I’ve read by Cambria Hebert, and I have to say, I quite enjoyed this one.

Recalled is told from alternating POVs, Dex’s and Piper’s. Dex is a young homeless man living on the streets in Alaska and trying to survive. Piper is a waitress at a diner, and she’s studying to be a doctor. One fateful night will bring these two together in a way neither ever imagined.

Piper is just leaving the the diner one night, her shift over, when Dex(whose real name you never discover) steps out of the shadows in front of her. Piper seems startled, but keeps walking. Then she slips. Dex takes advantage, catching her before she can fall to the icy sidewalk, but at the same time, he picks her pocket, stealing her $24 in tips.

As Piper thanks him and walks to the bus stop to wait, Dex heads for the diner. Before he can go inside, the bus, which is on its ways, skids on a slick patch of ice and barrels straight for Piper. Not thinking, Dex rushes to shove her out of the way and ends up getting crushed by the bus. Obviously, he dies.

However, he doesn’t end up in Hell like he thought he would. Instead, he’s in a room. An office, almost. And behind the desk is none other than a very bony looking man with the initials G.R., and I think you can figure out what it stands for.

Dex is offered a second chance. G.R. promises him money, a new car, a new house, and a new life in a new body. All he has to do is agree to be a Death Escort. He’ll be given a Target, and if he manages to kill this Target, he’ll become a full-fledged Death Escort. Dex accepts, the appeal of having money and nice things too much to pass up.

It isn’t until Dex accepts that he gets his Target, and it’s none other than the girl he saved. He has to kill Piper if he wants to keep this new life.

After Dex moves in to his new home, a knock sounds on his door. It’s an older gentleman with a cane. He introduces himself as the new butler, and Dex calls him Hobbs. But Hobbs is also hiding a secret.

As Dex tries to get close to Piper and earn her trust, Piper can’t stop thinking about the man who saved her that night at the bus stop. Piper also has visions, and when she meets Dex(in his new body) for the first time, she touches him and gets a vision of the man he used to be. However, she can’t seem to figure out what it means.

Piper becomes fascinated by Dex, which makes his job easier…or so he thinks. What Dex doesn’t expect is to fall for Piper and want to save her again and again, even when he manages to put her in perilous situations.
There are also a few minor characters who come into play, as well. Frankie, Piper’s best friend; Charming, another Death Escort; and Storm, a bodiless spirit who G.R. has spying on Dex.

I’m not going to spoil anything else, especially the ending. All I can say is the ending made me sad.

The writing is quite good, and I found it easy to get attached to the characters. I found myself screaming at my Kindle a few times. The plot definitely held my attention, and I thoroughly liked the premise of this novel. So if you’re into paranormal books(I guess paranormal romance works), then consider checking out Recalled.