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Released by Mia Fox

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**This review may contain a spoiler or two**
Released by Mia Fox is a mix of paranormal fantasy and steampunk. It involves time travel, demon gypsies, and a genie in a bottle.

In Released, Suki, a genie, is hidden away in her bottle, waiting for the day she will be released. She catches glimpses of two teenage girls in her mind, but she doesn’t want to believe that they will be her saviors, mostly because she’s only ever been released by powerful men over the years.

When Samantha and Charlotte go looking for clothes and end up in a thrift shop, a beautiful bottle with a butterfly design catches their eye. Deciding to buy it, they take it back with them and, surprisingly to them, unleash Suki. She explains to them that she is a genie and they can have three wishes. But there is a catch. The wishes have to be selfless and meant for good only. One wish is used to prove Suki is, in fact, a genie. The other two wishes the girls decide to split between them.

Enter Phineas and Raven, two demon gypsies searching for Suki and her amulet. Raven and Suki used to be friends ages ago, but when Suki hurt Raven, Raven lost her mind and is now hellbent on revenge. Phineas is her sidekick and sometimes lover.

Raven decides that to get to Suki, she’s going to try and destroy Samantha and Charlotte. But Sam and Charlotte are more special than even they know.

A car accident, courtesy of the demon gypsies, leaves Samantha in the hospital, which is where Charlotte first meets Phineas. He weasels his way into her life, and she’s smitten. Phineas, too, starts to realize he is slowly falling for Charlotte, much to Raven’s annoyance.

Raven begins to up her ante, eager to hurt Suki the way Suki hurt her. Enter James, a mysterious bartender who just happens to be a Shade. A Shade is there to protect a genie, and James and Suki begin a hesitant relationship.

Dismayed that her attacks aren’t working, and knowing she doesn’t have much time before either Charlotte or Samantha earns the amulet, Raven decides to separate the girls and play with their minds. What she does causes disaster.

I won’t say anything more, as that might spoil the book, but I will admit this was an intriguing premise. I did have a few issues with grammar and tense(it seemed to switch on occasion and frustrated me), but overall, I thought it was a decent read. I’ve always been a fan of demons, gypsies, and genies, and this book had them all. Plus there was some time travel, which was neat.

I will admit I hated Raven with a passion. And Suki was a bit self-centered, but Sam and Charlotte were typical high school teenagers, except they were both orphans.

If you’re looking for something paranormal with a hint of steampunk, definitely check out Released. It’s worth a read, and you just might enjoy it.

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