**This review may contain a spoiler or two**
I won all three of the Gatekeeper books in a contest, and all have been signed by the author.

On to the review!

In book two, The Gatekeeper’s Challenge, Therese has gone ten long months without seeing or hearing from Than. She has given up on him and tried to move on with her best friend’s brother, Pete. But as nice as Pete is, Therese just doesn’t like him as much as she loved Than.
Therese tries to live a normal life, but her thoughts keep returning to Than. Then one day, her friend Vicki tells her that she’s been able to see her mother. Confused, Therese asks how that is possible, as Vicki’s mother is dead. Vicki explains about a drug that she’s taken that causes you to die for a few minutes, but once it wears off, you come back to life.

Therese agrees to buy the drug for her and Vicki to take so she can confront Than and tell him off. However, something goes wrong when Therese meets up with Than again. Vicki dies and there is nothing Than can do about it except guide her soul to the underworld.

After Vicki’s funeral, Therese goes to bed and falls asleep. In her dreams, she meets up with Than again. He’s come with news. He tells her he’s made a deal with his father. If she can pass five challenges, Hades will made her a goddess and she can be with Than for all of eternity. Therese agrees to try, even though the challenges seem impossible.

Therese prepares as best she can, and when the challenges begin, she manages to get through the first three easily enough. This pleases Hades and gives Than hope. The fourth challenge proves to be tricky, but Therese manages to pull it off. Then comes the fifth and final challenge.

Therese thinks this will be the easiest challenge of them all. She completes the first half, but something happens in the second half that takes away her chances of becoming a goddess. Than refuses to let this be the end, though. He takes Therese to his grandmother’s cabin and performs an act that he knows will turn her into a goddess. But it doesn’t come without consequences.

The Gatekeeper’s Challenge is an intense read, although I did think some of it seemed a little rushed. You find yourself rooting for Therese and wanting her to be with Than, no matter what. It’s definitely a good read, overall, but the ending will have you scrambling for the third book to find out how it all ends.