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The Trylle trilogy by Amanda Hocking

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**This review may contain spoilers**
Amanda Hocking’s Trylle trilogy takes fantasy and paranormal romance to a whole new level. If you think you know everything there is to know about trolls, think again.

In Switched, Wendy discovers the truth about herself. When she was a little girl, her “mother” tried to kill her, claiming she was a monster and stole her mother’s real child. Thinking the woman was crazy, Wendy and her “brother” Matt were sent to live with Matt’s aunt Maggie, while Wendy’s mother was locked up.

While in school, Wendy discovers a boy named Finn, who constantly stares at her and watches her. She thinks it’s creepy, until he saves her one day from two attackers, who just happen to be trolls from a rival kingdom.

Finn takes Wendy to her true home, where she discovers she is the daughter of the Queen and is destined to take over one day. There, she also meets the boy who was meant to be Matt’s real sibling. Rhys is the boy she had taken the place of all those years ago.

Wendy begins to learn more and more about her heritage and her kingdom, even though she refuses to believe she’ll one day be Queen. She doesn’t want this life, and all she can think about is leaving.

When the Vittra attack again, this time during a party, Wendy realizes she’s not safe there. So she takes Rhys and leaves, going back to Matt and her aunt.

In Torn, Wendy discovers that leaving wasn’t exactly a great plan, as she is kidnapped by the Vittra and taken their their kingdom. There, she discovers something even more shocking: she’s the daughter of their King. But he’s a sadistic bastard and Wendy refuses to be swayed to his side.

She manages to escape the dungeons with Rhys and Matt with the help of Finn, another tracker, and Loki, who happens to be a Vittra prince.

Once back in her own kingdom, Wendy realizes she needs to master her abilities if she’s going to become strong enough to rule over everyone and save them all from the Vittra.

She also becomes betrothed to Tove, who is also royalty. The only problem with their engagement is the fact that he is gay. And Wendy can’t stop thinking about Loki. But they remain together, putting on a united front to show that they will someday make a proper King and Queen.

When Loki shows up, though, things starts to take a downward spiral. And when Oren, Wendy’s father and King of the Vittra shows up at her wedding, a hasty pact is made to ensure the safety of her people.

In Ascend, the last book, Wendy’s mother becomes ill and eventually passes, leaving her to take over as Queen, even though she is not ready. With the help of Tove, Matt, Duncan, Finn, Loki, and Willa, Wendy comes up with a plan to destroy her father once and for all. She knows he is coming for her, but she plans to stop him before he can take over.

I don’t want to give too much away, as the last book is pretty intense and thoroughly exciting, but I will say that if you like action, romance, a bit of paranormalcy, and happily ever afters, then you’re definitely going to want to read the Trylle trilogy.

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