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Winter Fire by Lizzy Ford

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**This review may contain a spoiler or two**
Winter Fire is the third book in the Witchling series by Lizzy Ford.

In book three, two new characters are introduced: Morgan and Connor, brother/sister witchlings. Morgan is hiding a dark secret, and Connor is adamant that no boy get involved with his sister. But he has a reason for being that way.

Beck finds himself immediately drawn to Morgan, even though he doesn’t understand why. Normally, he only dates blondes, but Morgan, a redhead, has captured his attention. However, she’s also captured the attention of Beck’s ex, Dawn. Dawn, who has gone Dark, decides she needs to do whatever it takes to get rid of Morgan. If she can’t have Beck, no one can.

Things start to happen, and people start to wonder about the new girl. And when Dawn’s attempts to get rid of Morgan fail, she does something insane and drastic, planning once and for all to get rid of the people she claims are ruining her life.
What Dawn doesn’t count on is the will to live…and an escapee. With the help of Beck and Decker, Dawn’s plans don’t exactly go as planned. However, Morgan realizes that maybe everyone would be better off without her around. So she leaves the school, unsure if she’ll ever return.

Book three is intense, filled with emotion, and leaves you hanging at the end. I’m not sure when book four will be out, but all I can say is, I am dying to read it.

I highly, highly recommend Lizzy Ford’s Witchling series. It’s really well-written, magical, and sort of sucks you in and refuses to let go. I have thoroughly enjoyed each book so far, and I think, if you’re into magic and witches, you should definitely give this series a chance.

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