****This book contains sexual situations/BDSM and is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18**

In the final book of Deena Ward's Power to Please series, Nonnie is trying to deal with the fact that she is basically living with Gibson, although she has her own little cottage on his estate. Gibson, however, is off doing whatever it takes to destroy any trace of the video Michael posted of Nonnie's punishments while she was with him.

Nonnie feels lonely, even though she's got Xavier and Paulina to keep her company. Occasionally she goes fishing with Xavier, but she prefers to steer clear of Paulina, who is quite bossy and frustrating.

When she gets a phone call from Gibson stating he wants her to travel out to meet him, she gets excited...until she discovers why he wants her out there. He's found Michael.

Turns out Michael and Kamun, his accomplice, got themselves into trouble and ended up in a prison in Brazil. Michael asked for Gibson to come and clear his name, and knowing Nonnie would want answers, Gibson invites her along.

Nonnie definitely does get some answers, and she sees the true colors of Michael. So she and Gibson make a decision that will affect Michael for the rest of his life, unless he chooses to make things right on his own.

Back at the estate, Nonnie and Gibson try to work on their relationship, although Gibson is hesitant and Nonnie is easily annoyed by what she feels is his lack of desire for her. Along the way, there is a class on learning to become a proper submissive, a new job for Nonnie, and a party thrown by Paulina and Xavier.

Near the end of the book, Nonnie's irritation with her life and Gibson come to a head. She quits her job, goes back to school, and even leaves Gibson. She doesn't think she can be with him if he's not willing to trust.

After a while, though, Nonnie has a sort of epiphany, and with the help of Paulina and Elaine, comes to terms with quite a few things about herself. And she knows now that she has to try and work things out with Gibson, lest she lose him for good.

I'll admit that I was only mildly disappointed with the book and the way it ended. I wanted to see a bit more of Nonnie's and Gibson's relationship and their struggles to ease into their roles as a Dom and sub. I was happy, though, that Nonnie finally dealt with her issues and seemed to become a stronger woman.

I didn't particularly care for Paulina, but Xavier was a decent character. I would have liked more of Ron and Elaine. I really enjoyed those two, especially in the first couple of books, but they didn't have much going on in The Submissive's Last Word.

Overall, I think Deena Ward did a superb job with her series, and portraying BDSM in a proper light. Safe, sane, and consensual is what it's all about. The characters were likeable, or extremely unlikeable in the case of Michael and Kamun, and the story just sort of flowed. I loved it and would highly recommend this series to anyone who is looking for something better and more appropriate than The Trilogy That Will Not be Named.