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Taken By You by Carlie Sexton

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**This review may contain a spoiler or two**

Taken By You, the sequel to Fallen For You, picks up exactly where the first book left off.

Roger, aka Mr. Stalker Guy, is back from his trip to Germany. When he returns home, he discovers that Kate and Charlie have moved, and he has no clue where they have gone. But he is determined to find Kate and make her his if it's the last thing he does. However, while he's out and about, he finds a woman named Rose and decides he likes her enough to keep her around for a while.

Kate is adamant about not letting Roger ruin her happiness. Although she wants to remain independent and do her own thing, she knows it's not exactly safe for her to keep up the same routine as before. She moves in with Neil, and Charlie and her boyfriend move into another house by themselves.

Kate also decides to transfer jobs, moving from one Nordstrom's to another. But a terrifying encounter with Roger leaves her shaken. So she quits her job, but quickly gets a new one working at Neil's law firm. Neil also hires security to keep a close eye on Kate, hoping to make her feel safer.

Enter Paulina and Jacob, Roger's ex-wife and son. They move back to the states from Germany and stay with Roger. That is until Paulina's friend Darcy gives her some disturbing news. Paulina knows what she has to do. And she decides to wait until after Thanksgiving to execute her plan.

Meanwhile, Charlie's boyfriend proposes to her on Thanksgiving, while Kate and Neil spend their Thanksgiving with his parents. Neil also has something up his sleeve for the day after, but Kate is none the wiser.

What sort of day will Black Friday be for Roger, Kate, Neil, and Paulina? I won't say anything more, but just know that in Taken By You, things become even more intense and more crazy. This book will have you digging your nails into your palm and leave you short of breath. You'll be flying through the pages just to discover what will happen next.

Roger is still as creepy as ever, if not more so. Neil is still a bit... I don't really know, but there are times he makes me want to scream at him to slow down, and other times where I just love him to pieces. Charlie and Kate still seem to have their heads on straight, but there are a few moments with them I just want to say, "No, ladies. Just no." And Paulina and Jacob, well, I'm not really sure what to say about them without spoiling too much.

If you've read Fallen For You, definitely get your hands on a copy of Taken By You. You won't regret it!

Look for my review of the third book, Given To You, this weekend. If you enjoy mysteries/thrillers and romance, The Killer Next Door trilogy is one I highly recommend.

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