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The Marriage Diaries by Erika Wilde - Book Tour & Review + Giveaway

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Title:   The Marriage Diaries (The Marriage Diaries #1 - #4)
Author:  Erika Wilde
Genre: Erotic Romance 18+
Publication Date:  September 11, 2013
Cover Design:  Novel Cover Designs
Event organized by: Literati Author Services, Inc.

Erika Wilde turns up the heat in THE MARRIAGE DIARIES, an erotic series about a married couple who take intimacy and passion to the extreme.
After nearly twenty years of marriage, Jillian Noble is ready to put some spice back into her sex life with her gorgeous husband, Dean.  After seducing him at his office, Jillian reveals what she wants, and her husband is more than happy to oblige.  Erotic fantasies are fulfilled, and forbidden passions surface as they open themselves up to a provocative world where boundaries are pushed to the limit and pleasure is the ultimate goal.
But Dean has a dark past, and even darker desires that he’s kept a tight rein on all these years.   When he gives his wife a taste of his more illicit appetite, will she embrace his carnal needs, or beg for mercy?

WARNING: Contains explicit sexual content and is recommended for mature readers who enjoy erotic situations, as well as graphic language and imagery.

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The Marriage Diaries boxed set is on sale for $.99 (normally $3.99) until December 1st.

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About the Author
Erika Wilde (aka Janelle Denison) is the USA Today bestselling author of over 50 contemporary romances for multiple print publishers.

So, why the new pen name? 
As Janelle Denison I’ve always written sexy books, but lately my writing has taken on more erotic elements that I wanted to keep separate for readers because not everyone likes their reading material on the spicier, kinkier side of romance.   However, please be assured that even as Erika Wilde, you will still get an emotionally layered story with characters you’ll care about and fall in love with.   That is always my goal, whether I’m writing straight contemporary romances, or more erotically charged stories.

Currently, I’m working on The Marriage Diaries and making sure that Dean and Jillian enjoy exploring the more erotic side to their marriage.  The series will be on-going, with no foreseeable ending as of right now, for as long as readers want to be voyeurs to Dean and Jillian’s sizzling new relationship.

I’m also planning a spin-off series in the future, featuring the hot military men that work security for Dean at Noble and Associates.  My next book, THE INVITATION, will introduce the men of that new series, THE PLAYERS CLUB.

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My Review

The Marriage Diaries(#1 - #4) is an erotic romance that details the spicy new sex life of a married couple named Dean and Jillian.

In the first book, The Awakening, Jillian decides to try something new. She and Dean have been married for 20 years, and their children are now off on their own. She's tired of the same old, same old. The boring, vanilla sex. She wants excitement! So she takes matters into her own hands and goes to Dean's office, where she seduces him. Dean, to say the least, is not only surprised, but also thrilled that his wife is willing to embrace her adventurous side in the bedroom. He's been waiting a long time to release his dark, carnal desires upon her.

In book two, things heat up. Jillian and Dean begin to explore their kinky sides. They start out tame enough, with light bondage and spanking. Jillian, realizing she enjoys these escapades, decides she wants to push her boundaries. She's willing to submit to Dean and give him the pleasure he's been seeking for years, as well as getting pleasured herself. It's a win-win situation. There's also some voyeurism that they both partake in, watching each other pleasure themselves while apart.

In book three,  the married couple takes things up a notch.  Jillian decides to build a playroom in the basement with the help of a friend while Dean is away on a business trip. She furnishes it with anything and everything that will arouse and excite their innermost fantasies. And speaking of fantasies, those happen to come into play, as well. Namely, Jillian's fantasy of being taken by a stranger. Roleplaying, if you will. A sort of consensual non-consent. Or perhaps dub-con, if that's how you'd rather take it. Dean is more than happy to oblige, of course. But then Jillian decides to turn the tables on Dean later on. She teaches him what it means to be patient and desperate for release. He willingly submits to her, although he does prefer being in control.

In book four, Dean's ultimate fantasy is played out. The only problem is, he realizes that he's made a mistake in having said fantasy. His need to dominate takes over, and things get slightly out of control. However, it's all safe, sane, and consensual. I can promise you that right now.

Overall, The Marriage Diaries was one kinky, erotic read. It was exciting and thrilling to see a married couple - albeit, a fictional one - change up their sex life and explore their desires and fantasies. It was sexy, spicy, and very arousing. It was also so much better than a certain trilogy that shall not be named.

I, personally, loved that the author wrote about kinks and BDSM, however tame it may have been, in a responsible light. It showcased a healthy exploration between two people, and everything about it was safe, sane, and consensual, as I said before. I applaud Erika for doing so.

If you're into erotic romances and want to read something that will titillate your senses and arouse your body in all the right ways, pick up a copy of The Marriage Diaries today. You won't regret it.

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