**This review may contain a spoiler or two, but I will try to avoid it**

I received an ARC of Damaged and here is my honest review of it:

Damaged is the first book in the Rebirth series by Becca Vincenza. It is also Becca's debut novel.

Damaged tells the story of a young woman named Audrey. Audrey is damaged. Broken. Beyond repair. Or so she thinks.

The book starts off with Audrey counting down the hours and minutes, days and years. Of what, you may ask? How long she's been locked away in a white room. A silent, white room with only her thoughts to keep her company.

That is, until a group of people rush in. People who may or may not mean Audrey harm. Because harm is all Audrey knows. But we won't discuss that anymore, because spoilers.

Audrey is taken from her white room. Her safety. All she can think about is curling in on herself and waiting for a merciful death. But death does not come. Instead, Audrey begins to learn things about the people who have taken her away. It takes time, but she slowly, ever so slowly, starts to come out of her shell, the walls surrounding her coming down. She lets herself go, making a new friend and even finding herself starting to feel something she never thought would exist in her life.

Truths about her life start to unravel in her mind. Memories long repressed begin to surface, and Audrey discovers that what she thought she knew has now been turned completely upside down.

When things start to come to a head and get out of control, Audrey has to make a decision, one that will change her life forever.

Damaged is a paranormal romance that will have you flying through the pages, eager to know more. To discover the truths that are hidden away in Audrey's mind. It's that good.

There are characters who are extremely likeable, like Stone and Nixie, and ones you just want to hate. There are also a few characters who aren't exactly what they seem. The plot flows nicely and moves at a steady pace, keeping you on your toes as you delve further and further into the story. You also find yourself wanting to steal Audrey away, taking her under your wing and keeping her safe.

The only thing that I would have to be a bit...negative about was that there were some words missing in certain sentences. Usually just a 'the' or an 'and', or something along those lines. And occasionally there were commas in the wrong place, ending up before a word instead of after. The grammar Nazi side of me tends to get a bit nutty about commas. (I apologize for that!)

Overall, though, the book is a fantastic read, and I'm left wanting more. For a debut novel about paranormal creatures, I was thoroughly impressed by Becca's creation of her characters and the world they live in. It's unique and intriguing, and now I cannot wait for the second book. I rate it 4/5 stars.

If you're looking for something fun and fresh in the supernatural genre, pick up a copy of Damaged when it releases on January 31st. You won't regret it.