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Tormented Thoughts by Michael Robertson Jr - Book Review

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**This review should not contain any spoilers**

Until a few days ago, I knew nothing about Michael Robertson Jr. But then I stumbled across Tormented Thoughts while it was free and couldn't resist giving it a whirl. As a lover of all things horror, I went into these three short stories with high hopes, and I really wasn't disappointed at all.

In Kill Game, a pizza delivery woman finds herself playing the most disturbing game of poker ever, and the stakes are higher than she ever could have imagined. It's a slightly graphic, gory read, and it will leave you on the edge of your seat until the very end. Is Alicia smart enough to survive in a game where the odds are never in her favor? You'll have to read it and find out.

In The Phone, a girl named Emily moves into a home with her family, only to discover something odd in the upstairs bathroom: an old-fashioned phone with no buttons or dial. Nor is the phone plugged in anywhere. Yet, it rings...
Emily's neighbor, Charles, sort of creeps her out. But he seems like a nice man, and her family likes him, so she doesn't think anything of it. Until it's too late. What do the phone in the bathroom and Charles have in common? What exactly is the secret behind the strange calls that come late at night? Only one way to find out...

In Day Care, a newly single dad is at the end of his rope. His son's mother left him for their accountant, and he needs to find a day care where he can put his 4 year old son so he can return to work. Seeing an ad in the paper gives him hope, and even though the woman at the other end of the phone sounds a little off, he decides to give the day care a chance. When he arrives with his son, the house is immaculate, but seems strangely empty. However, the playroom is complete and there are a couple of other kids, so he leaves his son there, feeling like he made a good choice. That is, until he goes to pick his son up. Police cars are everywhere, and according to one officer, Jason's son is the only one left. The other children are gone, and the women running the day care have been gruesomely murdered. Jason takes his son home, only to discover the little boy is not exactly what he seems...

Overall, I thought the stories were really good and really creepy. Day Care was probably my least favorite, only because it was sort of obvious what was going on. Especially when the one woman gives her name. The Phone had a good mystery vibe to it, and Kill Game was definitely my favorite. It was crazy and taut with suspense. I love that.

If you're looking for some good short horror stories to read, look no further. Get a copy of Tormented Thoughts today! You won't regret it.

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