Title: August Fog

Author: A.L. Goulden

Release date: April 1st, 2014

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Book Description:
Monica Waters is a television editor living in Los Angeles reluctantly passing through her thirties in a damaged marriage to the love of her life Alex. They've worked hard since Alex's affair years ago to get to a place of predictable happiness in all areas except the bedroom. She's learned to accept the mediocre sex life in exchange for a comfortable and stabilizing companionship to her best friend.
When an artist from New York named Quinn Matthews moves in next door, all of the fire Monica has learned to suppress flares an obsession into a scalding and dangerously secret relationship. Quinn invigorates her lust for art, flesh and a life she hasn't been living and forces her to make the most difficult decision of her life. Will she clench to her commitment and history with Alex or be swept away by the life and lust she used to dream of with Quinn?

Book Excerpt

A yellow SUV in their shared driveway was blocking half of her ivy-covered carport. Seriously?Monica Wilson squeezed her BMW in almost grazing her husband’s car. That wouldn’t have gone over well. She pried herself out, trying not to scratch her door or laptop against the adjoining fence. Frustration with her neighbor Rebecca bubbled as she slammed the door shut. She tried to get control of her chestnut hair and looked over the vehicle. She would be sending her husband Alex to complain.
The SUV had New York plates, was filthy and had quite a few dings around the bumpers. She smiled remembering the tin cans her friends drove when she lived there. Her best friend’s car was like something out of a demolition derby. Considering New York held some of her fondest memories, she tried to ease up and pushed through the tall Japanese style gate that opened to their beautiful zen inspired backyard.
That’s when she saw him. On the wooden staircase that wound up to Rebecca’s converted attic was a man that shifted everything into slow motion. A man, that for a second at least, she would follow anywhere. Jeans and a t-shirt exposed his tan muscular build. While the back of his shaved head revealed no character, his climb was hypnotic. A beautiful tattoo engulfing his right arm looked like branches from an old tree. It was rooted around a box he carried with ease as she scanned his body. There was no rational explanation for her reaction to him. She hadn't noticed she was still holding on to the back gate when it slipped. The slam jolted her out of the daze and he turned.
Monica inspected her purse and fumbled with her keys. He paused near the top of the stairs waiting for her attention. She walked towards the back door feeling his heavy stare entice her head up. His eyes were crystal blue and pensive under his low-slung heavy brow. He had large full lips, a strong jaw and a rugged nose that looked like it had been broken a few times. Her stomach twisted as he smiled. He was gorgeous. Flushed, she returned the smile and barreled through the door.
“Who’s the guy next door?” she hollered to Alex, dropping her stuff on the laundry room counter. He entered, still sweaty from work and swooped in for a quick hello kiss. He smiled as his stubble tickled her face. Standing at six feet, he also had a shaved head and gray-blue eyes. His thirty-four year old body hinted of the weight training that dominated most of his twenties but had now softened with domestication.
“Oh, you mean the Kelly Slater look alike?” he laughed, “Rebecca’s renting out the upstairs to some artist guy. She says he’s bi-coastal… whatever that means. I think he’s gay.”
“What makes you say that?” she asked.
“Did you see what he drives?”
“So? That’s what Robin drives.” He referred to her best friend.
“That might be the dumbest thing you’ve ever said. What’s your deal? Did he look at you too long or something?”
“Hey, I’ve got no problem even if he is gay. He can look all he wants. I’m just saying.” Alex flexed his arms and inspected himself.
“Just because Rebecca’s gay doesn’t mean everyone she’s around is gay.” Monica’s hand reached down to pet their rambunctious Pointer Lacey. “I just hate that she and Julie split. I miss her.”
“I know. Me too. I wish she had gotten the house, but Rebecca could afford it.”
“Then why’s she renting out a room?”
“I don’t know," he said rolling his eyes, "It’s not like we have any control over our neighbors.” He leaned in for another quick peck and shuffled towards the bathroom stripping for his shower along the way. She watched remembering when that alone used to send her running to him. He hopped around in just his socks and underwear looking more child-like than sexy. 

About the Author:
I'm a designer, author, wife and dog-lover living in the South Pasadena area of California. I got my BFA in Film Production from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, but my love of a good story came way before college. I remember writing my first full story in fifth grade on a typewriter. I cut and pasted it into a book, complete with cardboard cover and taped binding. Things have changed a lot since then. With the magnificent digital age I can produce books and give them to the world without a sticky mess.
In college, numerous instructors and peers praised my dialogue pushed me to hone  my storytelling skills. Of course the need to cut and paste was still there, so I went into the world of Production Design and Art Direction for films and television. It gave me the ability to connect design to storytelling in a way that no other career can. The past 18 years have spun a unique perspective on visually emotional tales of relationships and the thread that ties all things together. Now I’m shifting focus on the driving force that brought me here… stories. I hope that I can share a unique perspective on life, love and the pursuit in all of the above.


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