Elise Faber, author of Phoenix Rising, has offered a paperback copy of her book to one lucky winner!

Here is the synopsis of the book:

For Daughtry a simple brush of skin is devastating, the most innocent touch floods her mind with images of death. After months of isolating herself from everyone and everything she’d ever known, a chance encounter with a man from her past brings her hope for the first time since the visions began. But that hope comes with a price: the pursuit of vicious enemies who would force her to use her ability to manipulate death for their own gain.

In an instant her entire world changes and instead of hiding from her life, Daughtry has to fight for the freedom to live it. But with the fight comes the opportunity to recognize her power’s full potential and maybe, just maybe, a chance to find her true love.

How can you win, you ask? Simple. Just enter the rafflecopter below and keep your fingers crossed that the odds are in your favor. :)

Good luck!

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