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Seducing the Ruthless Rogue
Publication Date: October 19, 2014
Also in this series: Taming the Wicked Wulfe

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As Director of The War Office, Stuart McKenzie, has proven himself capable of making difficult decisions in times of crisis and keeping government secrets safe. When he walks in on someone ransacking his study he quickly moves to apprehend them, only to be tossed on his back as the burglar escapes into the night.

Cassie’s father has become a pawn in the fight against Napoleon. When the enemy kidnaps him, she will do anything it takes to get him back – including stealing government secrets from Stuart McKenzie, the Director of the War Office.

When Cassie is caught, she reluctantly agrees to Mack’s assistance as there is something far more sinister going on. As Mack embarks on his mission, he will find that enemies are often closer than one would think and that sometimes your ally will come in the least likely form. When passion erupts between Mack and Cassie, they find their lives forever altered. But just as they believe their lives to be free of danger, a new threat is lurking about, promising to rip their happiness away from them. Will they be able to trust each other enough to defeat this new threat, or will they be torn apart for all eternity?

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    Mack tugged her dress just enough so that the bounty of her breasts sprang free, the neckline of the gown holding them up for him.  “You’re so damn beautiful,” Mack whispered before dropping a kiss on her honeyed globe.
“What do you think you’re doing?” she sputtered.
    “Worshipping your body,” Mack replied, lost in the moment.
    “This isn’t normal,” Cassie whispered, referencing the sensations he made her feel, before he kissed her once more.
    “Stop talking.  Stop arguing.  Stop thinking.  Just feel.”
    “What did I say?” He chuckled at the mutinous stare she gave him.  “Trust me, Cassiopeia.”
    “Why should I?”
    “Because I can make you feel things you have never before imagined,” Mack practically purred.
    Cassie could not repress the shiver that ran up her spine.
    “You have five minutes,” she said.
    “I don’t work on deadlines, love.”
    “You do tonight,” she challenged before lifting up and kissing him.  This time both his hands covered her breasts.  He worked them as a sculptor would work clay.  Then he focused on the tips, gently rubbing them between thumb and finger, pinching, and tugging until she could not keep from squirming.  He broke off the kiss and all she could do was bite her lip to keep from crying out.  Then his tongue and lips were there, where his fingers had been just moments before.
    She scooted up slightly, only to allow him to push her to recline over the arm of the divan.  Cassie knew if she were to look down from the ceiling, she would look like a virginal pagan sacrifice.  Then he did the most marvelous thing.  He laved one erect peak with his tongue before taking it fully in his mouth and sucking.  A moan escaped into the room, and Cassie was shocked to realize it had come from her.  Then he turned his attention to the other, giving it the same treatment.
    Cassie was enchanted.  She felt as if she were enveloped in a fog.  Her hands were fisted into the cushions of the divan, and she gripped them harder as she felt a quickening happening within her body.  That place between her legs was causing her serious issues.  She had read enough scientific texts to know what was supposed to happen.  The texts spoke nothing of the feelings that Mack created within her.  She felt as if any moment she might explode, she only needed something to free her, to allow her to fly. 
    She felt Mack’s hand slip beneath her skirts and begin to glide up her leg.  He stopped to caress the back of her calf, then her knee, and finally the outside of her thigh.  All she wanted to do was scream for him to not stop.  To just do something that would ease the ache.  Just when he was moving to where she wanted him most, there was a loud bang.
Mack threw his body over hers, but this sounded different from the gunshot in the park. 
In fact, this sounded far worse.  This sounded like a door hitting a wall. “Where’s my daughter?”

About the Author

Tammy Jo Burns
From a young age I could always be found carrying around books to read while watching my grandmother's soap operas with her. I read anything and everything I could get my hands on and even made up skits and stories for my friends and me to act out. Once I outgrew the children's and YA books, my mom introduced me to an entirely new world - contemporary romance. Upon discovering I had a love for history I began devouring historical romances. One day, sitting in a college British History class, something the professor said made me think, I wonder. I quickly called mom (also a writer) and ran the idea by her. After being told, "Of course you can do it, you're my daughter," the rest, as they say, is history. I currently share my love of reading with the next generation as a high school librarian, and share my personal life with my demanding dog trapped in a cat's body, Ajax.

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