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Someone Like You by Amy Smolcic - Book Blitz + Giveaway

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Title: Someone Like You

Author: Amy Smolcic

Release date: December 7th, 2014

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Tour: Irresistible Reads Book Tours

Book Description:
She has walked on the catwalks of every major designer and earned enough money to live comfortably for ten lifetimes. Country girl, Chloe Jackson, has hit it big.
However, all that glitters isn't gold and beneath the lights and glamour is a dark world.
Jaeger Colton dreams of greatness. He and his band relocated to New York City with the hope of making it big. But with their record contract being cancelled, his dream has been put on hold. With the disappointment, will he chase the dream he desperately wants?
When their worlds collide, can Jaeger help Chloe pick up the pieces? Or, will it be up to Chloe to transform her broken life?


Book Excerpt

Someone Like You – Chapter 1 (Jaeger’s POV)

Another plate breaks.
I notice my boss watching me from the corner of my eye. He isn’t going to like this. “Jaeger, that’s coming from your pay!” Eugine screams.
Great, just what I needed.
There goes the cup, too.
This time last year my band, Atomic Nights, signed a multi-album deal with Rapid Records. Just as we completed the album, the label told us that they had had a change of heart. Apparently, alternative music was out. If we wanted to remain signed to the label, we were told that we had to change our sound to indie rock.
Fuck that.
I’ll never become anyone’s puppet.
We will never change our sound for anyone.
So here I am, stuck waiting tables to cover the rent.
Or at least, trying to cover the rent. It probably won’t happen this month with all the shit I have been breaking. This job isn’t the best one out there, but it will do.
Despite the problems the band is having, we’re still together. Tonight we have a show at Below Bar, an underground club in the city. Yeah, we’re not getting money for it, but a show is a show. Plus, we get free drinks, so I’m in.
The fact that we get to play our music for a live audience is exciting enough, so I don’t care that we’re not getting paid.
I head back to the kitchen to collect the meal that was remade from the breakage. As I approach the table, I know in my head that this lady is going to say something. It comes with working at a five-star restaurant.
The woman is dripping in jewels. The clothes she has on right now are probably worth more than everything I own.
“Well, about time! I have been waiting for one hour,” she says.
I try to look sympathetic, but it’s hard to pretend. I’m not sorry for wrecking her meal. That is the honest truth. Call me an asshole, I don’t care.
“I want my money back for the entire bill.”
Not happening, lady. I replaced her meal, what else does she want? Does she want me to fan her while feeding her spoonfuls of her dinner?
“Don’t you look at me like that. Who do you think you are? You shouldn’t even be working here with those tattoos all over your damn arms and that piercing on your eyebrow, you…”
My boss interrupts her. This will be interesting. I already know he’s going to side with her. According to Eugine, the customer is always right.
“Is there a problem, madam?” he asks politely.
“Yes, him,” she says, pointing in my direction as if I’m a piece of trash.
He turns towards me and raises his eyebrows. I shrug my shoulders. I’m not scared of him or this woman. I have dealt with far more intimidating people in my life than these two.
He smooths things over with her and offers her a refund, with food and a free dessert. She gladly accepts the offer.
Just when I thought I had gotten away with it, he calls me into his office.
As I begin to walk back to the kitchen, Eugine appears beside me. “Jaeger, in my office, now,” he murmurs.
“Yes, boss.”
I take a breath and walk down to his office in the basement. I hesitate for a moment before entering. I walk in to see him staring at me sternly. Shit.
“You need to get it together. I can’t afford for you to keep slipping up, and I’m sure you can’t, either. I’m sending you home. You’re on one last warning. Another mistake and I’m firing you, got it?”
“Crystal,” I smirk and walk away.
I might act cocky, but inside I am worried. If I get fired, I am screwed. He is right, I can’t afford to lose this job.
However, he’s kidding himself if he thinks I’m going home tonight. I’ve got a show to play and booze that needs drinking. Eugine is full of empty threats.
Even though I’m scared of losing my job, I don’t care. I don’t care if a customer gets a cold meal, if they’re unhappy, or if their food is late. Why should I care about them anyway? No one cares about me. Nobody has ever cared about me.
I decide to head to Below now. We’re due to play in approximately three hours.
I walk into the club to see that it’s a ghost town. Usually it is at around this time. I head over to the bar to have a couple of drinks while I wait for the boys.
“Jaeger, what are you doing here so early? What can I get you?” Marty asks from behind the bar.
I met Marty when I first moved to New York a year ago. I found this place by accident one night after getting trashed. The rest is history. I don’t know exactly how old he is; he has to be at least fifty.
“Just a whisky for now, Marty.”
He retrieves my old friend Johnnie Walker and pours me a glass.
“What’s the matter, kid? Is something wrong?” Marty asks. He always knows when something is wrong. It’s like he has a sixth sense for this stuff.
“I feel like nothing is happening with my life, like something is missing. I try and hold onto hope that the band will make it, but every day it seems less likely.”
I shouldn’t go into tonight with bad vibes, but I can’t help it. I have felt so stuck recently. I have all these hopes and dreams, yet I’m stuck waiting tables.
“Kid, you need to take a breath and calm down. Everything will eventually work itself out,” he says as he passes me a glass.
Sometimes I think bartenders learn psychology at bartender school. They always know how to give the best advice. Most importantly, they're also great in helping you forget—with the assistance of hard liquor, of course.
I keep on downing glasses until my band members arrive. I’m so trashed that I doubt I can even get onto that stage. I didn’t plan on getting smashed, it just happened. I usually don’t like resorting to alcohol when I’m feeling like this. It’s something I used to do often a few years ago.
I may feel delirious right now, but that’s okay.
The feelings I had earlier have disappeared, replaced with a daze of euphoria that can only be caused by extreme intoxication.
This feels good.
Right now I can’t feel a thing. You can’t feel empty when you can’t feel anything at all.

About the Author:

I am a 21 year old student and author from Melbourne, Australia. I'm also a connoisseur of tea, book hoarder and baking enthusiast

Official Website:


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