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Sublime Wreckage by Charlene Zapata - Book Review

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**I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review**
**This review may also contain a spoiler or two**

Sublime Wreckage is a young adult romance novel with a dark underbelly. Some of the subject matter may be a bit...triggering for some readers. However, the dark themes are actually quite relevant to the plot and push the story along, for the most part.

Sublime Wreckage tells the story of high school student Maggie Wilson. A tragic accident from her past leaves her saddled with a mentally unstable mother and a serious desire to make something of herself after graduation.

Maggie also has no friends, except for Amanda. She refuses to let anyone get close to her because of her mother. Amanda is the only one she trusts, and even then, that trust isn't 100% complete.

Dealing with her personal demons by herself, Maggie vows to do whatever it takes to finish high school and get as far away from her mother and the town she lives in as possible. That all changes when she meets Vincent Moreno.

Vincent has a reputation. A bad one. Maggie doesn't trust him or like him at first, but once she gets to know him, that all changes. And as her friendship with Vincent blossoms, it becomes harder and harder to keep her secrets away from him.

Can Vincent change Maggie's life for the better? Will he discover the truth about what goes on behind closed doors in her home? Can Maggie let Vincent in and still follow her dreams? You'll have to read the book to find out.

I went into this book with the hope that it would be a good read. It was decent, but I wasn't quite as blown away as I thought I would be. There was a lot of angst in this book, and even though the angst drove the plot, I did think it was a bit much at times.

Maggie's mother is probably the worst character in the book. The woman reminded me of my own mother, but more physically violent. It was a bit hard to read at times because of the memories it brought back. I can definitely guarantee that everyone who reads this book will despise Maggie's mother, no matter what their own parents were like.

Maggie, for the most part, is a decent character. I thought she was a bit weak at times, and I wanted to scream and shout at her on occasion. She frustrated me, but at the same time, I was also rooting for her.

Amanda, Maggie's friend, doesn't have a huge part in the book, but I liked her character. She was a good friend to Maggie and did what she could to make Maggie's life a little better.

Vincent was also an okay character. He had moments where he annoyed me, but for the most part, he wasn't too bad. I felt he and Maggie were a bit too "obsessed" with one another sometimes, even though they were only supposed to be friends to start out with.

Maggie's grandfather is a pretty awesome character, though. Even though he's not in the book as much as I would have liked, what parts he did have, he was amazing. I really liked him.

Plot-wise, I felt the book occasionally got a bit heavy-handed on the violence. I would have liked more of Amanda and Maggie's friendship, and less of the neediness from Maggie and Vincent's relationship, as well. 

I also had a slight problem with some of the editing. There were grammatical errors throughout, and that sort of frustrated me. I tend to be a bit crazy when it comes to grammar/spelling/etc.

Overall, the book was a decent read. I did like the ending. I felt what happened was a good thing, although I'm wondering how that will play out in the second book. I probably will read the sequel when I get the chance to, but for now, I'm content with putting that task on the back burner.

I'd rate Sublime Wreckage an honest 3 stars. Pick up a copy and check it out for yourself.

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