**I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review**

Ignited is the second book in the Whiskey Nights series, and it tells the story of Hawk, a character introduced in Wasted, which is the first book in the series. Hawk is a firefighter, best friend to Mason and Cade, brother to Jace, and an all-around good guy.

The story starts with Hawk and Cade doing some target practicing. When a car accident happens nearby, both men respond to the scene and save the two girls in the car. But what one girl says to Hawk is something that begins to haunt him. It also haunts him and makes him want to know more about the girl.

Amber Lawson is a twenty year old woman who happens to be new in town. Amber has a past. It's not something she can deal with, which is why she's "run away" to Creekside. Her desire to leave her past behind puts her directly into Hawk's path. Can she let go of her past and learn to trust him?

I will say that I was very excited to read the second book in the series, and I was definitely not disappointed. Ignited is a quick read that elicits a variety of emotions from the reader while keeping them hooked until the very end. You've got friendship, romance, heartache, and happiness all rolled into one fantastic story.

Hawk is an easy-going guy you can't help but love. He's a great friend, caring, protective, honest, and what I would call a true Southern gentleman. He loves his family, his friends, and is always willing to help someone in need. He's easily one of the most likeable characters in the book.

Amber is a broken young woman. She's dealing with a lot of things from her past, and she just doesn't seem capable of dealing with them. Grief is definitely her strongest emotion when you first meet her in the book. Her character gets a teensy bit frustrating at times because you just want her to be able to heal and move on, and yet she seems adamant to keep everything bottled up inside. That's really the only problem I had with her. But I can also kind of relate to her, as well, in some small way.

Other characters from Wasted come into play on occasion in the story, and they're just as wonderful as they were in the first book. Especially Mason and Lexi. I rather adore them.

One of the other newer characters introduced is someone from Amber's past, and they are absolutely despicable. I can guarantee you will loathe them immediately, and that opinion will not change whatsoever. In fact, they sort of reminded me of someone I spent nine years dealing with, although this character is a little bit more horrible, just in a different way.

Plot-wise, I felt the book moved along at a nice pace. It was easy to read and quick to get through, although it sort of left you wanting more. It truly is a good read, and I couldn't really find anything I disliked about any of the story. Maybe a little bit of the romance was somewhat rushed, but I don't think it really detracted any from the plot/overall story. I really did enjoy it.

If you haven't yet read Wasted, I'd advise you to do so at once. You can find my review of it here. Then you can read Ignited and discover just how amazing this series is. I highly recommend both books, and overall, I'd give Ignited 4 stars.

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