"A Pangolin you say, Edward? Hmm that is most unusual. You do know what this means, don’t you? Perhaps this child is what you mentioned before. I heard about his journey, and it appears he has much talent. I hope for everyone’s sake that your predictions are true."

After escaping the perils of Darmstar, Lazarus only awakes to more troubles, but perhaps luck has finally come his way.

There are not many Wizards in the world and Lazarus is one of them, born with the rare gift of being a crafter, he is even more special than he thinks. Juggling magic classes and his weaponsmith apprenticeship, young Lazarus has a bright destiny ahead of him.
But will the prophecy come true?

And will the Three World Wars repeat itself?

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Author Bio:
I've had a few career changes already, but to me writing has always been something I enjoy doing. What started as a hobby I hope it becomes something more. My goal at the moment is to publish my books, hoping that someone picks them up and sees some potential in them. If they happen to sell well, that is a bonus. Most of my books have just sat on my computer for over a year, so I may as well try my luck.

I currently have more than seven franchises, all at various stages of completion. Some of which I am looking at publishing now and some I will wait until I am a more seasoned author. I mainly write sci-fi/fantasy/romance books. I am also currently working on a screenwriting project for a television series.

Outside of writing I enjoy listening to music, playing video games, fitness (natural bodybuilding), food and travelling.

I am on Twitter and Facebook a lot, so feel free to say hi.
Lawrence Gleadhill | Indie Author and Screenwriter
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