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Damned Sinner by Jami Denise - Book Blitz + Giveaway

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Title: Damned Sinner

Author: Jami Denise

Release date: November 24th, 2014

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Book Description:
Vince Donovan has lost a lot in his life. He has lived life under a code of greed, lies and crime - never allowing anyone to get too close. After losing the empire he fought to build at the hands of a psychotic man in pursuit of revenge, Vince vows to rebuild what he once had. Along with his once protégé and now partner, Jayne King, he sets out to create an empire that is based on beautiful women, sex and sin.
Kelsey Franklin is young, beautiful, sexy and should be forbidden. Kelsey is also the one woman that Vince has vowed never to have and yet is the one woman he wants and needs.
When love happens in the unlikeliest of circumstances Vince must ask himself - Is love fit for the damned and the sinner?

Book Excerpt

My knuckles whitened with strain as I gripped the steering wheel. Considering everything I’d gone through in a matter of six months, it was hard to believe the rage I felt watching some punk-ass kid flirt with a girl. I should’ve been ass out of that drab town, but a little blonde had taken over all rational thought. So there I was—parked in front of a small café, stalking her like a fucking creep.
I had no right to follow her, but that didn’t stop me. She wasn’t mine to want or keep, but she was mine to protect. A substantial part of my already-damaged heart broke when I let her go, but it had to be done. She didn’t belong with me, or in my world. She was too young, too sweet, and too naïve. The only thing in store for her if she’d stayed was more corruption and pain. The most heinous crime I’d ever committed was hurting her. If I hadn’t already ensured my free ride to hell, soiling that precious woman sure as fuck settled it.
She was my sin; the tender temptation I would ache for until I swallowed my last breath. Nothing, no matter how decadent, would ever amount to her taste—her sweet, sumptuous taste. I would feel her in my bones, crave her with my body, and yearn for her with my soul, but I would never allow myself to keep her.
I was the bad to her good. Filthy where she was pure. She was my weakness—I couldn’t be her downfall. I’d failed everyone I’d ever given a shit about. I wouldn’t add her to my list of failures.
I couldn’t have her—not in my world. It just didn’t work that way. Protecting her was a completely separate thing. I would care for her and protect her even if I had to do it from afar. I’d have to leave her alone and eventually move on and deal with the mess my life had become. She’d do the same. Move on, forget about me, and live her life.
The thought alone made me want to puke. It was a double-edged sword. What I wanted and what was best for her were completely at odds. I’d never been a selfless man, but Kelsey brought out a need to give, and I wanted her enough to give her the freedom she deserved.
As soon as she walked away from the table she was waiting on, the door to my car was open and I was moving across the street, taking long, steady strides toward the little motherfucker with the grabby hands. He didn’t know what he was doing, or what kind of shit storm he’d brought on himself, but he’d think twice about touching my girl once I was through with him.
He went back to wiping down tables—little pissant that he was—but looked up when he heard my heavy footsteps approach. His eyes widened, and the look that crossed his face when he realized he was about to get his ass kicked was priceless. He backed away from the table, eyes wide, and tried to run, but I wasn’t having any of that. He wanted to play grab ass? Well, I wanted a little round of kick ass.
“You!” I yelled, picking up my steps. “Don’t fucking run, you little bitch. It’ll only piss me off, and when I catch up with you, I’m taking it out on your ass!”
He dropped the towel in his hands and raised his arms above his head, as if that’d stop me. “What the hell?” he cried.
My brows dipped, and I shook my head. “You know Kelsey Franklin?”
With a jerky nod, he spun around, obviously looking for a way out. There wasn’t any. I was going to fuck him up.
As I reached him, I could see he was shaking, and that made me smile. “I asked you a question, boy.”
“Yes! Okay, yes. She works here. She’s inside.”
I grabbed his shirt collar and yanked him up off his feet, pulling him close so our faces were inches apart.
“You listen to me, you little prick,” I spat. “If I ever see or hear about you touching Kelsey again, I will break your neck. You don’t talk to her or look at her. If you touch her, you die. Are we clear?”
He gulped, nodding awkwardly in the position I was holding him in. “Good. I’ll be watching—you can count on that.”
I dropped him to the ground and walked away, my gut churning. It was a shitty thing to do, but the thought of someone else touching her made me lose my mind. One day, it would happen, and I hoped like hell by then I wouldn’t care.

About the Author:

She has always had a strong desire to write. From a very young age, books became her escape. She loves the freedom to express herself through her stories and share them with others.
Her books are always on the spicy side with a little bit of sweet to make you swoon. Her feisty kittens always give the bad boys a run for their money. She likes taking risks, pushing her characters into directions that challenge the reader and take them out of their element. You’ll usually find the unexpected to happen in her stories. Life isn’t always pretty, and she likes to layer her words with true grit.
She is a self-professed cat lady, addicted to coffee and Monster, cupcake like balm, and loves all things old,grungy,and fast. She’s well versed in sarcasm, and the F-word is her favourite adjective.
When she doesn’t have her nose in a book, or fingers on a keyboard, she’s spending time with family and friends, time with family and friends, watching old movies, and waiting for the next felon to come sweep her off her feet.
She loves interacting with her readers and meeting new friends.


Prize: 5 USD Amazon Gift Card

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