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Rhythm and Rapture by Annalie Walker

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Title: Rhythm and Rapture (Dancers Desire Book 2)
Genre: Romance
Date: February 1st-15th
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Pointe of Passion (Dancers Desire Book 1)  
Have you ever thought you had your life all figured out, only to wake up one day and realize that you have to start all over?

DEVASTATED by a career-ending injury, professional ballerina Mia Parker decides to move back to her hometown of West Trenton to open a dance studio and begin again.

DETERMINED to do what is best for his young daughter, Jaxson Sinclair finds himself adrift as a single Dad after his unstable marriage suddenly ends in tragedy.

DESTINED to find each other, there is no denying the attraction between them, but can he get past the self-blame of the accident?

DESIRED by Jaxson, will Mia be the push he needs to start living again? Although the obstacles of starting over are endless, they discover comfort in each other's arms. Can Jax bring this dancer to the Pointe of Passion where she never wants to go back?

Sometimes starting over can make all of your dreams and desires come true.

While he was talking he kept getting closer and closer to me until he was close enough that I could see every detail of his beautiful eyes. He reached out to touch my face. “Mia, I have missed you like crazy.”

I had forgotten what the sound of his deep voice did to me and I felt my knees go weak. I reached out to wrap my arms around his neck and my towel fell to the ground. He grabbed me around my waist and pulled me closer until I was pressed firmly against his body, wet t-shirt and all. We stood there staring at each other for what seemed like a lifetime.

“I don't ever want to go that long without seeing you again. I thought about you every damn day. Tell me that you missed me, too.”

He searched my eyes for an answer. I brought my lips to his and passionately kissed his lips. “Every single day, Jax.”

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Rhythm and Rapture (Dancers Desire Book 2)
What would you do if a simple date turned out to be the date from hell?

Jade Louis was happily living her dream as a Broadway dancer in New York until a traumatic night sent her fleeing to safety in small town West Trenton, Louisiana. Although no one there knew her secret, she was living in fear every day, that her ex-boyfriend would find her and finish what he started.
Aidan Sinclair fell hard for Jade the moment he laid eyes on the beautiful brunette. Even when Jade kept pushing him away, he felt an overwhelming need to protect her.
So when Jade's past catches up with her and she runs again, Aidan is hot on her heels. Never one to give up on what he wants, Aidan is determined to find out what has her running scared so he can save her and make her his.
Will Aidan be able to give Jade the happiness that she deserves or will her worst nightmare come true?

Aidan was already in the pool when I walked outside. I couldn't help but gawk at his wet chest as it glistened in the moonlight. I had drunk enough wine tonight to feel bold and did not turn my eyes away when he caught me staring.

Normally I would've felt uncomfortable taking off my cover up with his eyes directly on me. But tonight I didn't feel that way at all. Something about the way that he was looking at me told me that things were now different between us. What I once considered as only friendship, now felt like more.

As I slowly lifted the flimsy dress over my head, I heard the sharp intake of Aidan's breath. “Wow, Jade, you are beautiful. I knew that suit would be gorgeous on you.”

With any other man, I wouldn't have believed him. I would have thought that he was feeding me lines. After all, I had learned the hard way that men didn't always tell the truth. Some would say only what you wanted to hear with no real truth behind the words. But with Aidan looking at me the way he was, I believed every single word he said.

“Jade, come get in the water,” he commanded.

That's all he had to say. My feet began to move on their own and before I knew it, I was standing before him in the shallow end of the pool.

We continued to stare silently at each other until his voice broke through my haze. “Remember when I told you to get used to me kissing you?”

I slowly nodded as if in a trance.

“Well, I hope you did just that, because damn it, I need to taste your lips you right now.”

Before I could respond he wrapped his strong arms around my waist and pulled me tightly against him. He pushed his other hand into my hair and gazed into my eyes as he held my head steady.

“I've been wanting to do this all night,” he said as he lowered his head to mine.

Without hesitation, his tongue demanded that I open to him and possessively thrust its way inside. His tongue licked and swirled and I continued to fight for my breath. My head was spinning and I didn't know if the intoxicating feeling was from the kiss or from the wine.

It was all so much, so sudden, that I pushed myself back as I gasped for air. I wasn't frightened, but I was a little overwhelmed and I guess it appeared on my face.

He softly ran his fingers down my cheek and I could tell that he was trying to find the right words to say. “I want you to know that I would never hurt you, Jade. Whenever you want me to slow down, I will. But please don't tell me to stop.”

 About The Author:
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Annalie Walker was born and raised in Louisiana. She is the wife to a sometimes home, sometimes not airline pilot husband and the mother of two fabulous children. If she is not at the soccer field with one, you can find her in the dance studio with the other. Of the two, she is most comfortable in the dance studio since she also grew up there.

She spends her days in the pharmacy, her evenings carpooling kids and her nights lost in a good book. She has always had a passion for reading a good love story, but has just recently discovered the joy in writing. She likes her books the same way she likes her food, spicy. She has just recently published her first novel Pointe of Passion on Amazon.

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Where to find Annalie:

Amazon Author Page: amazon.com/author/annaliewalker

Email address: annalie_walker@yahoo.com

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