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Tattered & Torn by A.J. Downey - Cover Reveal

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She’s Tattered…

In one tragic, catastrophic instant, Shelly Jordan’s whole world was ripped to shreds. Now, living in an isolation of her own making, she’s slipping away from everything and everyone she once loved. Little by little, her self-worth erodes. She feels alone, and doesn’t know how to piece the remnants of who she was back together with who she is now. Shelly barely gets through the next hour let alone the whole day, and no one blames her after something so awful and so life altering. She tries in vain to hide it, telling the club and the outside world she’s fine, afraid of losing the only sense of family she has. After all, there’s no place in an MC for a used up club whore who can’t bear to be touched…

He’s Torn…

Ghost has had a thing for Shelly since the first time he ever laid eyes on her. One problem, Ghosty-boy don’t share and as a club slut, Shelly gives it up to whoever asks. He always thought to himself, if only she would knock off her slut-tastic ways.  Then the unthinkable happens and it’s torn Ghost in two. If only he had been less of a jackass, been more of a man and communicated, she never would have been in the position she’d been in that night. Prey to The Suicide King’s predator. Ghost feels responsible for what happened to Shelly, responsible for the horrible shit he said to drive her from the fireside, his side, that night. Now he wants to man up and make it right.

Can Ghost stitch Shelly back together again when all he’s ever really been good at is ripping things apart?


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