Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Deadly Secrets by Lacey Roberts - Book Tour

Erotic Romantic Mystery
Date Published: February 5, 2015

Take one hot, sexy cop add a beautiful Forensic Pathologist and you have one heck of a steamy love affair. 

BUT, who is threatening their lives? 

Whose life is really at risk? 

AND, why has a young man been murdered and what the hell do snakes have to do with it all?


Flynn opened the door and inhaled sharply. Lily stood before him, a Goddess in a red mini dress with a neckline plunging to her waist. The creamy white mounds of her breasts were barely covered and they rose and fell with each breath she took. His eyes drifted down, her luscious long legs were covered with black fishnet stockings and her feet were strapped into a pair of impossibly high stilettoes. He licked his lips and gazed into her eyes. A smile lit up her face.

"Dinner can wait," he said huskily. He reached out and taking her arm pulled her into the apartment.

Lily dropped her small duffle bag and handbag on the floor as Flynn kicked the door shut. He dragged her into his arms, her breasts crushed by his rock solid chest, as he frantically devoured her mouth. His hands were all over her body, he hesitated at her back where a bra strap should have been. No bra, a thong. This girl knows how to tempt a man. He squeezed the firm round globes of her bare butt.

Lacey Roberts is the pen name I chose when I began writing Erotic Romance.
I grew up in Sydney but now live in sunny Queensland where I spend my days walking my dogs, reading and writing. Married for 41 years, my husband and I also enjoy a great deal of travel.
Hubby and I have just returned from visiting author friends in the US and gathering some great info for future books.
I hope you enjoy my latest release which is set in Canberra, Australia – the Nation's Capital. This story is purely fictional but there are numerous real places and facts covered. I could not have made it as realistic without the advice of the A.C.T. Police Media Centre and the Forensic Medical Centre at Sydney University. I am grateful to both.

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