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I Belong To Him by Ava Danielle - Cover Reveal

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I Belong To Him by Ava Danielle

I belong to him, but I'm married to another.

Addison Walker and her husband of 15 year have three beautiful daughters. Along with her best friend she owns a book/coffee shop. You'd think she has it all. She doesn't. She in a loveless marriage, and craves to be loved and desired.

Brandon Donavon is tall, handsome and loving. His ex-wife up and left him, making him a single father.

After meeting, Addison and Brandon have an undeniable chemistry. 
Things are looking better in Addison’s life, until the accident.

Who will be by Addison’s side when she feels her life will never be the same?

Debuting Thursday, May 21, 2015

Ava Danielle is an emotional, funny, sarcastic, wife and mom of four over-rambunctious children; twins included. She was lucky enough to marry the man of her dreams, and has followed his career between Germany and the United States, after growing up as an Army Brat.

She loves traveling, but doesn't get out nearly enough, so imagination helps her travel the world.

She's inspired by music. If it's not the children watching TV, it's Spotify on repeat! 

"I Belong To Him" was her debut novel, and only because the support of her best friend inspired her to. She plans on writing many more stories.

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