Forever Faith
by A.M. Rivera
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A Biker Romance

The unlikely love that develops between the daughter of the leader of a religious sect and the President of an Outlaw Motorcycle Club.

He promises her shelter and protection when she makes her escape from the group, but reluctantly gives in to the strong sexual attraction between the innocent girl and himself.

Adult strong sexual themes for adults 18+

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“I can’t stop now. Don’t worry. You have been driving me insane for weeks now. I tried to not be that guy. That old guy sleeping with a young girl. I hate that shit. But I can’t help it. You are so much more than your age. You are perfect. So, all of my plans to hold off for a year or two and let you fall for some more appropriate guy went to hell. I have to do this.” He says and kisses me deeply for a few minutes.

“Thank God.” I whisper into his mouth before he kisses me.

He raises his head after the kiss and says “Yeah. Thank God.”

Author Bio

I am a Miami based author with an uncontrollable sweet tooth. I have had a lifelong love of
reading romance novels that began in my early teens with the Jane Austen Classics. I love the way the genre has evolved with Erotica. My characters and stories are hot but also there is still love and romance. I am always writing and will be adding more books on a regular basis. 

Thanks for reading! I love hearing from you!

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