What the Heart Desires
by Kelli McCracken
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Torn by desire, will loving her mean the death of him?

Dylan McBride's Seeker abilities have always kept him a step ahead of his father. But one step isn't enough when it comes to his wife and child. His confrontation with his father leaves him questioning everything he knows, including his part in the Supreme Trinity.

Layne continues growing stronger, as does his Seeker. The more time he and Heaven share, the more he's able to control his Keeper abilities. But when new secrets begin emerging, he's forced to face the truth, as well as the emotions he's kept buried.

Among the death threats, constant hiding, and birth of her child, Heaven struggles to keep the peace between her soulmate and Keeper. More lies are exposed, threatening to destroy all that she loves. Will she be able to deny the truth once it's discovered or will she give in to what the heart desires?

As a curator of characters, you'll normally find Kelli McCracken
sitting at her desk, working hard on her next novel. When she's not arguing
with those persistent people inside her head, you can find her hanging out on
Facebook, chatting with readers about books and upcoming writing projects.

"It seems like all I ever do is write...and listen to Layne. He's always
whispering something naughty in my ear, like being dipped in chocolate. Now I'm
craving a Kit-Kat. Welcome to my zany life, where sanity is optional, romance
is required, and liquor is most definitely quicker. Jack Daniels keeps me sane,
my characters, not so much."

Kelli lives with her husband, four children, and her German Shepherd fur baby
in the Ohio Valley region in the United States. If you'd like to learn more
about Kelli, please visit her on the web at www.kellimccracken.com