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The Black Rose Chronicles: Deceit and Lies by A.K. Michaels - Book Tour

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The Black Rose Chronicles: 
Deceit and Lies
by A.K. Michaels
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She is
different, unique, and one of a kind. Even in this weird new world. In a world
ravaged by an inter-species war and almost devoid of Witches, she has to hide,
keeping her heritage a secret. Only two people knew the truth about her: her
father and her mentor; her savior, Seth. A highly trained assassin, she kills
with impunity if the target deserves such a sentence. Unfortunately, far too
many do. The lawlessness that stretches from coast to coast allowing
unspeakable acts to go unpunished.

Vampires, Werewolves,
Demons, and a host of other species now run free upon the earth and some of
them were downright evil. She tasks herself with dealing with wrongdoers
whenever she can. She is strong, fearless and powerful. An anomaly, probably
the only Witch/Wolf hybrid left alive. She shields herself from detection. If
anyone knew she has Witch DNA they would all come after her and she couldn’t
take such a horde on and live.

assignments as the ‘go to’ assassin for The Council give her plenty of
opportunity to wreak justice upon those who deal in death and destruction. Her
targets mostly found dead with black lips and tongue; a result of her spells
and not just the poison everyone thinks. So, when the new Head of the Council,
Basilius, a Demon, tasks her with taking out the most powerful Vampire alive
she can’t refuse. Can she?

The Black
Rose will strike again for the good of humanity. It’s what she believes she’s
been born to do and she will tackle this as she does all of her missions; with
deadly intent. There’d be no difference this time. Would there? Or is the
dangerous Vampire, Cassius Allarde, not all that he seems?

Come follow
Rose’s journey as she fights to find out the truth. About the Demon, the
Vampire and the Witch hunt that destroyed most of her kind. Book 1 in A K
Michaels new series, The Black Rose Chronicles. If you like your dystopian
books with the added bonus of supernatural beings in abundance then this book
is for you. 

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Hearing a laugh from her
left, her head spun in that direction, a large bear of a man sauntering out. A
dirty, unkempt beard covering his face, so all she saw clearly were his eyes.
Eyes that were not in the least friendly, and held the red tinge of a hungry
Vampire. She sighed before addressing the obvious leader. “I know you’re not on
your own so why not call out your little friends and we can get this party

“Party? Hey, guys, we’ve
got a livewire here.” The man guffawed, bending over for a moment as laughter
erupted. “So you want to party with us, little lady?”

She shook her head sadly
as two other men appeared, staring at her with lust and hunger on their faces.
“You misunderstood my definition of party, big guy. Let me explain. This can go
one of two ways. You and your men,” her arm arced around to take in the other
two standing in the shadows, “can leave me in peace and let me pass. Or, and
looking at you I’m guessing this is the way it’ll play out. I kill you all.

The main man stood
straighter, showing off his bulk as he stepped closer. “You’re goin’ to kill
us? All three of us? You’re aware that we’re Vampires, aren’t you? But just
what the fuck are you? I can’t quite make up my mind.”

“Yes, yes, and none of
your damn business.” She snapped out, waiting to see who’d make the first move.
The large one, the leader, flicked a finger at one of the others still in the

Her eyes flitted towards
him, her arm moving with lightning speed and retrieving her katana. Brandishing
the long blade in front of her as the smaller Vampire sped towards her. She
tracked his movements, knowing a nano-second in advance his intentions. She
stood calmly, waiting until he was within reach, then weaved her sword in an
impossibly fast arc towards him.

The razor sharp blade
relieved the Vamp of his head, quickly, cleanly, and with ease. His body
collapsed to the ground with a soft thud, his dark blood seeping into the
hard-packed earth beneath him. She didn’t give his body a second glance as she
took up a defensive stance, her knees bending and her sword now before her,
held in both hands as she smirked at the leader.

“What the fuck?” He
cursed, motioning again at the other Vampire to attack.

This one was faster but
she was ready, her blade slashing through the air to slice across his thigh as
she spun around to miss his grasping fingers. The sword passed all the way
through, causing him to fall onto his other knee. Her blade glinted in the moonlight
as she quickly slashed down fiercely, decapitating him in an instant. Pulling
her blade free before she eyed the larger man, seeing his fury seething inside.

“What are you?” he
ground out between clenched teeth.

“Again, none of your
business.” She grinned at him, her eyes flashing with anger. “You’ve missed the
most important question. Not what I am, but who I am.”

He didn’t respond other
than to roar as he flashed towards her. She stepped forward, away from the two
dead bodies and waited. As he drew nearer she dashed to the side impossibly
fast, twirling her blade above her head as she went. A hiss of anger from the
Vampire as she sliced downwards and into the back of his knee.

She gave him credit. He
didn’t slow down, only cursing loudly as he whirled around to come after her
again. Once more she danced out of his reach, her blade inflicting even more
damage as he tried to get his hands on her. Not happening.

“I’ll fucking rip you
apart and drink you dry!” His rage clear in the roar as he stumbled up onto his

“Nope.” She shook her

This time she wove out
of his grasp, bringing her blade backwards, the tip of her blade sinking in and
piercing his lower back, severing the spine and causing his large body to
collapse. Not a death blow. He was a Vampire and if left alone the wound would
heal, but she wasn’t leaving him alive to hunt her down. Stepping over to him
she flicked her hair over her shoulder as he stared at her.

“Who are you?” he
finally asked.

Staring down at him
totally emotionless she answered. “If you’d asked that first then maybe, just
maybe, you and your men might’ve survived this little dance. Me? I’m The Black
Rose.” She winked at him before raising her blade to end him. Seeing the
recognition in his eyes a second before she tore his head from his body.
“Another one bites the dust.” She sang as she wiped her blade on his clothes
before returning it to its sheath.

About A.K. Michaels

A.K. Michaels, Ava, is a best-selling author whose books have won awards within the
Paranormal Romance scene. She was born in Scotland quite a number of years ago
and was married at a young age, and is mother to three much loved children.
After the birth of her last child she went back to higher education to study,
before gaining employment within the banking industry. She worked in that role
for a number of years before leaving; both the job and the country.

She lived
abroad for a few years before returning to Scotland and finally taking up her
dream - writing.

She is
the author of the Defender's Blood series, The Witch, The Wolf and The Vampire
series, Supernatural Enforcement Bureau series, Highland Wolf Clan series,
Sabrina's Vampire series, and her latest series The Black Rose Chronicles,
together with a Wolf Erotica Novella, Lori's Wolf. Her books fall into the
Paranormal/Urban Fantasy genre and she loves writing those particular kinds of
stories where she can let her imagination run wild!

She now
spends her time reading - everything from Sci Fi to Crime, Erotica to Fantasy, and
Thrillers to Paranormal Romance. She loves spending time with her family and,
of course, writing!

She has
twitter, Facebook and a mailing list.

Link to A.K. Michaels

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