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The Talented by Desy Smith - Book Review

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Goodreads Synopsis
At age 17, Carmel founds herself in a mental institution thanks to an ice dagger, and a woman who apparently isn't human. After being rescued and arriving at the H.o.T, House of Talents. A house where no one is entirely human. She learns that she's Talented and has the ability to control Water and Ice.
At the H.o.T, Carmel learns to control her Talent, makes new friends, a few enemies, and begins to fall head over heels for a handsome guy. Who has a few secrets of his own. Carmel begins to realize that many people want her dead because of who she is. However she has no idea why. Can she figure it out or will she die. Look inside to find out.

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My Review
**I was provided a copy of this book when it was free on Amazon. This is my honest review**

When I first read the synopsis of the book, other than needed a little bit of editing, I found myself mildly intrigued by it and was curious to see what it was all about.

Unfortunately, the book fell very flat for me. I really wanted to like it, but I just couldn't get past all of the errors. The very first sentence is a fragment, and the rest of the book is littered with tense issues(switching between past and present), punctuation in the wrong spots, misused words/phrases, dialogue issues, and various other grammatical errors.

The characters felt a little one-dimensional. There's really nothing about them that draws you in and makes you connect with them. They're neither likeable or unlikeable. They just are. I would have liked to see a bit of personality shine through.

The plot, while fast paced, was a bit jumbled for me. I had a hard time keeping track of what was going on, and I was never really sure who was speaking or what the characters were actually doing.

While the idea behind the book is a really interesting one, with characters having powers because of what they actually are, the execution of said idea did not work out at all, at least for me. I think with a lot of editing, this book could be really good.

I, unfortunately, have to rate The Talented one star. 

About the Author
Desiree Morrow was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. She wrote her first book when she was thirteen years old, because she ran out of books to read inside her home. She loves reading books as much as she loves writing her own. Desiree also loves food and sweets, if she’s not reading, she’s probably eating a cupcake or two. She published her first book The Talented under a publishing company she started title Floebe Publishing. Desiree writes to provide an escape for anyone who wants to live in a fantasy world, and not worry about the trouble of everyday life. She also writes to inspire. This is Desiree’s first novel, and she plans to release the second part in The Talented series during late summer. The Talented is a five part series. Right now she is working on another story, which she hopes to release in the fall. She writes fantasy romance fiction under the pen name Desy Smith.

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