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Passion Becomes Her by J.A. Melville - Cover Reveal

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Passion Becomes Her
Passion Series, Book Six
By J.A. Melville
Cover Reveal


It’s been almost a century since everything

Nearly a century since Francesca lost
everyone and everything that night.

Only one person knows, one man saw it all;
her sire, her saviour. He pulled her back from death and the brink of insanity.

Only one man truly knows her and Fabian promised
he would never reveal the horrors of her past to anyone else.

She’s gone decades hiding her true self
behind a mask of indifference; her clothes, her makeup like a costume so no one
will see the real her.

It’s worked all these years until him…….

Lucas is the young man turned vampire by
accident two years ago. He is the vampire with a heart and soul. He’s also an
empath. He can feel what others are feeling……..

Something about him triggers flashbacks to
Francesca’s past and her sleep is plagued by horrific nightmares.

Her screams wake Lucas and he comes to her,
soothing and comforting her. The trouble is Francesca doesn’t want his comfort,
she doesn’t want anyone. Anyone she’s ever cared about has been lost to her.

She uses Lucas to help her forget. Sex has
always been her coping mechanism. Use them for sex and move on, but something
about Lucas keeps drawing her back to him.

The sex is explosive, passionate and
intense. The sex helps her forget her past, until afterwards when her
resentment towards him makes her turn on him; punishing him physically and with
cruel words. 

He makes her feel and she doesn’t want to feel.  She doesn’t want to remember. She doesn’t want
to feel anything for this man who has been the catalyst for those painful
memories to resurface.

It’s unhealthy and dangerous, until one
night something happens that changes everything. 

Francesca’s past collides with
her present and her already fragile state of mind is tested further.

Will it destroy them now everything has

Author Bio

For as long as I can remember, I've
loved to write, poetry, short stories just about anything. My English teachers
in school kept telling me I should write and it took me a lot of years to
finally get around to it. 

I spent too long worrying about failing as a writer before
I realized that living with the regret of never trying was

I live in a sleepy country town in Tasmania, Australia with my partner and our
three children, who aren't so little anymore, plus a whole assortment of

Natasha's Awakening is my first book but I have no intention of stopping now
and will continue to live my dream of being a published author. I have just
published Taming Eric which is his POV to Natasha's Awakening. 

My interests are writing of course, reading, watching movies and hanging out at
home with my family, our six cats and one dog.

You can find me on Facebook under my author page J. A Melville and my book's
page Natasha's Awakening.


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