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Spare Hearts by Dorothy F. Shaw - Book Review

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Stuck in this dead-beat town for too long, Candy Jameson is itching for some action. And the magnetically sexy, Sterling Dey might just be her chance to get back in the game . . . at least for a night. Soon the sparks flying between Candy and Sterling ignite into a fiery encounter that scorches the lanes. But when Sterling wants more than just one night with Candy, she's not sure she's ready to bet her heart on a one-night stand. Former professional bowling champion Sterling Dey wants to reclaim his title. This sleepy alley in a small Texas town with no distractions is the perfect place to practice-until Sterling lays his eyes-and more-on the joint's sultry night manager. As attraction becomes more than desire and the pins start stacking up against them, Candy and Sterling's future may just come down to the roll of the ball.
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My Review 
Spare Hearts is a sweet, romantic novella about a pro bowler and the down home country girl he falls in love with. It's got sexy times, cute scenes, and a passion that you can feel as you read it. There's Candy's passion for Sterling. Sterling's passion for Candy. And Sterling's passion for bowling.

The characters are likeable, the plot flows nicely and isn't too fast or too slow, and I found the story to be very engaging and fun, overall. This was my first time reading anything by the author, and I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the book.

I normally don't go out of my way to read romance novels, mostly because they all tend to have the same type of male character: alpha, muscular, a CEO billionaire/biker/military/rock star, and they feel sort of rushed. Spare Hearts has a Southern gentleman who is down-to-earth, and he just seems like a normal, everyday kind of guy.

I'd rate Spare Hearts a solid 4 stars. Definitely a great read!

About the Author 
Dorothy F. Shaw stumbled into a career in Corporate America and has spent the last 18 years climbing the corporate ladder. A fan of journaling about her troubles, she started an online blog in 2009, and poured her emotions out for all to see.

As luck would have it, the first post came out in the form of a poem. A few authors she'd met online encouraged her to write more, and in the span of 2 years she wrote over 150 poems. The poems led to short stories, which blossomed into novels. Evident from the very beginning was her voice as an author that is real and packed with wit and sarcasm. Her stories will always include complex, broken people trying to figure out how to start and keep a relationship as well as lots of hot, steamy sex. As Dorothy sees it, the journey is the best part.

When she's not writing, she's a mother, and a friend to many. She truly lives and loves in technicolor!
Dorothy welcomes emails at: and can also be reached at, @dorothyfshaw on Twitter and

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