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A Merry Last Hangman Christmas by Muriel Garcia - Cover Reveal

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·.·´¯`·.· COVER REVEAL·.·´¯`·.·

TITLE: A Merry Last Hangman Christmas
SERIES: Last Hangman MC #4.1
AUTHOR: Muriel Garcia
RELEASE DATE: December 10

Ever wanted to know what the Last Hangman men and women get down to during Christmas time? This is your chance to find out! Spend five days with Anthony & Ayden; Aleck and Charline; Gabe & Viv; Jase & Nicole.

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About the author: 

Muriel Garcia was born and raised in Belgium. She started writing a little over a year ago and never thought she would ever publish; reading and writing weren’t her favorite things to do in high school.

After one of her friends gave her  a challenge – the next time they would attend a book signing, she would be a signing author (it did happen!) – she started to take writing a lot more seriously and never looked back. She’s enjoyed every second of it and the friends she’s made along the way.

She loves music, tattoos—especially on hot men, traveling, and cooking. She has always had an overly imaginative and creative mind but never thought of putting words to paper. Now she couldn’t imagine not writing stories that are near and dear to her heart.

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