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The Watcher Series by Rhiannon Jean - Book Blitz/Sale + Giveaway

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It’s Rhiannon Jean’s Birthday and she wants to celebrate with a sale on her Watcher Series!
The sale runs Saturday Nov.14 & Sunday Nov. 15th
Monday they each go back to regular price of $2.99
#RhiannonJean #TheWatcherSeries #BirthdaySale

FREE Falling Watcher Series Book #1
.99 Deceiving Watcher Series Book #2
.99 Shattering Watcher Series Book #3

I'm not a model, or petite and toned, or have long luxurious hair - I'm 5'4, curvy with a little extra padding, and have short, unruly hair.
I'm not special in any way! I'm in a failing marriage, struggling to find out who I really am, and basically just trying to sort my life out.

So WHY do I, of all people, have a stalker? Not just any stalker, a HOT, tall, dark and handsome stalker...who can't seem to keep his eyes, or his hands, off of me.
Lily has felt empty, alone, and invisible for far too many years and is longing for something or someone to actually see her for a change. When Gabriel enters her life, saving her from an almost tragic experience, her life and her heart, are forever changed.
*This is volume one in a series of novellas*

Excerpt of Falling
Moving my hips I began gyrating and losing myself in my national anthem. I felt a presence behind me and got a whiff of laundry soap, deodorant, and a faintly distinct male scent. Hot breath danced along the back of my neck and a pair of hands lightly gripped my hips. I fought the urge to freeze and slowed my motions, swaying instead of gyrating. I looked down and saw black nail polish on the most beautiful set of masculine hands I had ever seen. I knew immediately it was my watcher.

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