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Out of the Past by Shauna E. Black - Book Blitz + Giveaway

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When Shauna E. Black was a young teen, her English teacher made the mistake of offering extra credit for original short stories, and was suddenly swamped with Shauna’s writing. Dutifully reading each story (at least, she wrote encouraging things in the margins), this teacher inspired Shauna to follow her dreams, leaving her with a warm spot in her heart for all English teachers.
Today, Shauna still keeps a box in the attic full of early manuscripts, most written in pencil on lined paper. She lives in the high desert of the southwest with her husband and four children. On springtime hiking adventures to the many Ancestral Puebloan ruins near her home, she finds inspiration for her writing. She also likes to experiment in the kitchen, perform in local singing groups, and travel to exotic locations to collect wind chimes.
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"Soul in Ashes Series - As an exile studying the healing arts in a foreign land, Alswyn discovers ash magic that could destroy a delicate peace treaty and plunge the countryside back into war. Now she must reveal the truth of her sordid past, risking her new life as she uses forbidden knowledge to counter the ash magic and catch the sorcerer before her adopted homeland is destroyed.

Out of the Past: Episode 1 - Alswyn can no longer avoid the peace treaty delegation from her homeland when Lady Serrin, the king's foreign bride, falls prey to a mysterious illness, and Koen discovers a demon summoning circle in the castle's slim tower."

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 Let's enjoy this Author Top 10!!!

1. I'm a trained mezzo-soprano and taught voice lessons for awhile. These days, I perform in a local women's show choir and in my family band.

2. I'm on the board of my local community theater. I've acted in amateur stage plays and musicals off and on since I was in high school.

3. I love to travel, though I don't do it often, and I collect wind chimes from the places I visit. My favorite trip so far was to Puerto Rico in 2013.

4. I am a survivor of stage 3 breast cancer, for almost 3 years now.

5. Before I was a mom, I worked in television and video production. I have a Film degree and a few awards from my productions, including 2 Emmys. My specialty is editing.

6. My other, related profession is graphic artist. My husband and I ran a web site design business for many years. He was the programmer, I was the designer. Now, he has a CPA business, and I'm his office manager. (Tax season, here we come!)

7. I have an amazing husband and 4 beautiful daughters who are very talented. We like to joke that everything in our house is pink, even our musical instruments.

8. I enjoy baking bread and experimenting in the kitchen (although my family isn't so sure about that last part). My favorite thing to do is try to recreate dishes from restaurants I've been to.

9. For obvious reasons, Christmas is my favorite holiday. But I also love Halloween--not because of the gore and scary stuff, but because I get to dress up and play pretend. I have a tradition of building a
simple, humorous haunt at my house for trick-or-treaters in my neighborhood.

10. When I was in middle school, my English teacher gave extra credit for short stories, and I flooded her with penciled manuscripts. She corrected them for me and read the revised versions, writing encouraging things in the margins. She was the first person to tell me: "You are a writer!" This book is dedicated
to her.

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