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Rain Saga by Riley Barton - Book Review

The year is 2119. Twenty years ago the world changed forever. Almost overnight, the serene, blue sphere that was once our Earth was reduced to a dark green smudge shrouded in a blanket of torrential storms. Millions died in the flash floods. Millions more succumbed to disease.

Luna McKelly's parents were among the survivors who fled to the shielded city of New Denver in the early years of the disaster. Now 18, Luna is a gifted scientific prodigy working on a cure for the dreaded Blister Wart disease--a fungal infection that rapidly consumes its host if left un-checked. But when an expedition into the swamp goes horribly wrong, Luna soon finds herself questioning everything she thought she knew as her entire world unravels around her.

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Rain Saga is a dystopian-esque novel with a very interesting premise. Set in the future, specifically the year 2119, Earth has become a diseased, flooded wasteland. There are a handful of shielded cities that offer safety to the survivors. One of those survivors is the main character, Luna.

Luna is a teenage science prodigy, working on a cure for the disease that killed, and is still killing, so many people. Known as the Blister Wart disease, anyone who contracts this usually dies a horribly painful death if left unchecked.

Upon discovering what she thinks may be the key to the cure, Luna and a group of "soldiers" head into the swamp to see if they can procure what is needed to get the cure into production. However, their trip to the swamp doesn't end well, and Luna is at the mercy of the people known as Swampers.

I don't want to say too much more, since I'm trying not to spoil things, but I will say I rather enjoyed Rain Saga. It's a decently paced novel with action, a dash of romance, and some twists that will leave you anxious for more.

Overall, based on plot and characters, I'd rate Rain Saga 4 stars. I do feel like there could have been a bit more too the book. I was expecting a little more detail when it came to world building. I also would have liked to see the characters fleshed out a tad more. When the book ended, I was a little disappointed, only because I'd love to see more of the characters, the world, etc.

If you like dystopian novels, you'll definitely want to give Rain Saga a chance. I definitely recommend checking it out. 

About the Author
Riley Barton was born in Boise Idaho, and now lives in a small town in the Pacific Northwest. He began writing Rain Saga at age 19, and completed the novel a year later. He plans on pursuing a career in Young Adult Fiction.

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