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Three by S.C. Daiko - Cover Reveal

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Title: Three : A Menage Erotic Romance
Author : S. C. DAIKO 
Genre:  erotica, romance, BDSM

It’s just a game. A harmless bit of online fun. Me, Skype, and two hot guys. 
Until it’s not. 
Until I’m on a plane heading to the other side of the world, to hook up with two strangers in the craziest fantasy of my life.
It was safe when it was online. I said so much, promised so much, and they’re all set to cash in. 
I shouldn’t want this. Shouldn’t want them. I definitely shouldn’t want all the dirty things they’ve promised to do to me. 
But I do. I want it so bad I can’t keep my head straight. 
Why does dirty have to feel so damn good?
Three weeks of sex, that’s all it is. No strings, no lovey dovey, just two guys, me and a whole lot of filth. 
I can handle that. Sure I can. No big deal… It’s not like I’m going to fall for them or anything, right?

Advisory: this novel contains vivid erotica and BDSM (consensual). 18+ only.

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S. C. Daiko is a contemporary erotic romance author who loves
to talk dirty and write even dirtier. When she isn’t bringing her fantasies to
life on the page she enjoys the sweet life of the Veneto in beautiful northern
where she lives with
her lovely husband and two gorgeous cats.

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