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True's Love by T.L. Clark - Book Tour

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Title: True's Love

Author: T.L. Clark

Genre: Romantic Suspense/Erotic Suspense

Released: Aug 2013

In this book we find promiscuous Amanda living the highlife. We get to hear about a selection of her erotic night time adventures. Be warned; there’s lots of sex from the outset!

Amanda is surprised by love when she goes on holiday with her friend to Ibiza. A blonde Russian bodyguard soon has her lowering her barriers. He shows her how much more there is to sex when the heart is truly engaged.

But will this just be a holiday romance or will it lead to a long term relationship? Danger lurks just around the corner. 

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Me? Nothing out of the ordinary really. I'm 30something, live with my very understanding and supportive husband in the South of the UK (which is also where I was born and raised). I also share my house with a spoiled (demanding) cat, and am a part-time step-mother (but the good kind). 

Busy but lovely pretty much sums me up.

I have a dream of buying a farmhouse with an annexe, so I can use my holistic therapies to he help stressed people and horses. 

I have a full time day job, so have to fit my writing (and promoting) around that. Therefore I spend most of my life feeling exhausted, propped up by only the power of caffeine ;-P

I have self-published five books so far. Each one is stand alone and looks at love from a different angle.

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