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Backup Plan by Alisha Tanner - Book Tour

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 Blog ~Tour - Feb 1st - 5th  

Title: Backup Plan

Series: The Unthinkable Series

 (Book One)

Author: Alisha Tanner

Genre: Contemporary Romance

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“She’s given some meaning to the chaos that I happen to call a life, and I want more.”

If someone asked whether or not you wanted to know something that would be life altering, what would you say? Would it really be worth knowing at the risk of changing your world?

Dax Blakely wasn’t given this choice. With the unknown diagnosis of his brother lingering at the forefront of every thought, all he can do is immerse himself in thoughts focusing around the worst outcomes. When Dax learns of the bleak prognosis, he is unable to sit back and watch his world crumble, so he demands the top experts treat his only living family member.  The last thing he expects to interfere is an off-limits romance.

Being thrust into a position where he must quash his desires, Dax isn’t willing to let the woman he wants get away.  Unfortunately, he’s fallen and there’s no turning back. With her evading every advance, his need to pursue her grows deeper and deeper, until an unexpected familial turn of events makes him realize what he wants may not be what he really needs after all.
Alisha Tanner is a medical transcriptionist who lives in a small city in northern New Mexico with her husband and two children. Backup Plan is her first endeavor in the writing world and she is currently working on Stumbling Backward, the second installment of The Unthinkable Series. She enjoys spending time with her family while hiking, camping, and taking their two German Shepherds on adventures.


“Sorry B, you aren’t like other woman. And that’s not a
rule. I’ll be waiting to hear from you. I don’t want to be left hanging.” I
smirk at my play on words that go ignored and reluctantly remove my hand.

never said that I had any intention of calling you. I wanted to avoid the
awkwardness of you asking for my number by giving it instead. Anyways, I bet
that you’ll be the one who caves and calls first.”

you like to make a wager on that?” I question.

purses her lips. “Nah, I’d hate to see you lose.”
so presumptuous, aren’t you? A little fact about me that you may like to know:
I. Don’t. Lose. Oh, and I have every intention of talking to you again.”
is never going to go anywhere, you know that, right?” she questions.
                “I like
a challenge.” I shrug and pull away from her, playing with the interior door
buttons, refusing to look her in the eye.

isn’t a challenge. It’s not even an option.”
                I tip
my ball cap and leave her to think about that. “Until next time.”
                I close
her door and tap it as I turn to leave. I wonder what would happen if I had the
balls to lean in and kiss her. I’m not certain, but I wouldn’t put it past her
to slap me if I tried.
                While I
walk away, I turn to see her and find her staring after me. I can’t refrain the
urge to wink. Seeing her overcome by my antics is such a delight.

gulps and looks away.
continue my ascent to the street. Tonight was exactly the type of night I was
needing. A reprieve from the stresses at home. A break from thoughts of Liam’s
treatment. A chance to get to know Brighton on a personal level.

pleased with how the evening turned out and can only hope that there will be
many more in the future. For now, I guess I should focus on my trip and the
prospect of seeing her once I return. When I make my way back out, I shake my
head at this new predicament.

                I think
I’ve just opened a whole new world of trouble.


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