Monday, February 8, 2016

Behind The Mask by Renee Adams - Cover Reveal

Genre: Contemporary romance/Military Romance
Release Date: February 2016

Cover Design by Alpha Queens Book Obsession

She’s a victim.
After surviving the unspeakable horrors during the prison riot at March Correctional, Cori Shawbell leaves her job at the prison.  She accepts a nursing position at the military rehab center working with wounded war vets. Drowning in her own distress, the mask she wears shields her afflictions from those in her life.
She’s scarred.
She suffers in silence.
He’s a hero.
He gave all for his country, and the war took more than Gage Knight could ever get back. He lost his leg and his brothers, but more importantly he lost a piece of himself overseas. Recovering at the military rehab hospital, he wears his armor with pride and shuts the world out as he tries to cope with the rage that consumes him.
He’s lonely.
Nothing sparks life in him, until he meets Cori.
Can two broken people find strength, courage, and healing in each other? Or will they remain behind the masks they wear so well?

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Renee Adams is a wannabe spunky girl who is generally
too tired to be spunky! She hails all the way from NC but spent most of her
life in VA. When she is not writing, she is spending time with her 2 kids,
husband and Doodle the dog. She also accomplished her dreams of becoming a
nurse and working in a prison, but since enjoys staying at home and keeping her
family in line and providing lots of laughter. You can find her on Facebook where
she posts her Spam Email of the Day, or on the Twitter @homeskilletbsct. She
cracks herself up and more often than not is off posting memes somewhere. Come
stalk me on Facebook.

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