Scent of wood.
   Breath of wind. 
        Guiding moon.

Plagued by sorrow for so long,  Lyrick has imprisoned her human form. She knows only the way of the wolf. When she meets a woman of knowledge and power with understanding in her eyes and softness in her soul, Lyrick allows herself to be led away from her primal solitude.
In a new place that somehow feels like home, Lyrick yearns to find herself in a life she never expected. Within that life, a man that draws her like fire in the night brings her conflict and the possibility of claiming something more than she could have imagined.
If they forge a path together, Lyrick feels she could find peace and a place of home. Even so, she fears she may never outrun the ghosts of her past. If she can't, she knows they will steal all her dreams for the future...

Release Date:  February 9, 2016
Cover Design:  Ashlei Hawley (with Breaking the Barriers Author Services)