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Turning Payne by Chanta; Seabrook - Book Tour + Giveaway

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Chantel Seabrook
Release Day January 26th

Agent Turner Payne, lion shifter, has dedicated his career
to bringing down the man responsible for the deaths of hundreds of metamorphs.
His world is turned upside-down when he crosses paths with his mortal enemy’s
daughter, Riley, and she becomes the victim of her own father's latest experiment.
Riley has to decide whom she can trust—if anyone, and Turner must go against
Therian law to protect her. But at what cost?

Content Warning: Intended for mature audiences.

This is a standalone shifter romance, second in the Therian
Agents series.



A Therian Agents Romance


Turner jumped off
the bed like her kiss had burned him. Riley looked up at him, confused. Had she
done something wrong?
He paced the small room and raked both hands through his hair,
the movement causing the muscles in his arms to flex and strain against the
thin fabric of his t-shirt. His face had gone pale, and there was a faint sheen
of sweat on his forehead.
"Are you okay?"
"No, I'm not fucking okay," he bit out, pinning her
with a fierce gaze.
She drew back, not prepared for the intensity she saw behind his
silvery blue eyes. He looked as if he were ready to consume her with his next
breath, which wasn't all that unlikely considering he was a lion.
"Sorry," she whispered, as if she had made the
accusation out loud.
He scrubbed his hands over his face. "You've done nothing
She crawled off the bed and stood, making her way towards the
door. "I shouldn't have asked you to lie down with me. Whatever this is
between us, it's best we—"
He had her pinned before she could blink, his hard body pressed
against her, palms flat against the wall, trapping her. "You have no
fucking idea what's between us."
His voice was thick, heavy with need, and she shivered in
Holy hell the man was sexy.
"Then tell me," she whispered.
She didn't think it was possible, but his expression darkened
even more. A look that made her insides melt.
He was close enough that his breath tickled her lips. His gaze
slid down to her mouth as he brought a hand to her throat. His thumb caressed
the area where her pulse seemed to beat with a life of its own. He dipped his
head and ran his lips over down her neck, nipping gently at the spot his thumb
had been.
A soft moan formed in her throat. He barely touched her and yet
her entire body trembled with need.
"Turner." She could hear the plea in her voice,
demanding more.
A growl, more animal than human, resonated from his chest.
"My lion wants to mark you."
"Mark me?"
He nodded slowly, his gaze returning to hers. "Make you my
"Oh." She didn't know what else to say. The idea sent
a thrill of excitement down her spine. His animal wanted her, but by his
reaction, she knew the man in him wasn't too keen on the idea. "And that
makes you mad?"
He tilted his head and studied her. "It just complicates
"Because of my father."
He nodded, and she thought for a second he would back away.
She placed her hands on his chest, willing him to stay. "It
doesn't have to be complicated. I'm not looking for anything long-term. To be
A small laugh rattled in his chest, and he gripped the back of
her neck, placing his forehead against hers. His other hand tightened around
her waist, drawing her closer to him. She could feel the thick length of him
pressing against her stomach. 
He let out a harsh, drawn out breath. "What do you
want, Riley?"
Arching into him, desperate for his touch, she ran her fingers
down his chest, stomach, until she was cupping him boldly.
Her whole body trembled as she gave voice to her desire.
"You. I want—"
His lips descended on hers before she could finish, devouring
her mouth until they were both breathless. There was an element of something
dark, dangerous, almost feral in the kiss, and for a moment, she wondered if
she should be afraid. As his tongue swept into her mouth again, the thought
She shouldn't be having these feelings, but there was no more
denying them. She was head over heels in lust with Turner Payne.
His fingers slid into her hair, tugging her head back, so he
could rake his tongue along her jaw and down her neck.
She ached to have him inside her, to feel his hands and mouth on
her body. "Please."
Effortlessly, he lifted her arms around his neck and scooped her
up, carrying her to the bed. When he placed her down on the mattress and stood,
she whimpered at the loss of contact between them.
He pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it on the floor.
"Is this what you want?"
All she could do was nod and watch as he slowly unbuckled his
belt. Her mouth watered, and she swallowed hard as his pants dropped to the
floor. His cock strained against the fabric of his boxer briefs and she could
see the delicious length of him. She'd seen his glorious body before, but never
with the intention of what they were about to do, and she felt her cheeks burn.
"Take off your clothes, Riley."
The dominance in his voice made her thighs
clench. She obeyed, acutely aware of the way his gaze followed her every
movement. Stretching her shirt over her arms, she discarded it on the floor.
She kneeled before him, one the bed, in her bra and panties. Her knees shook
and it took all her strength to stay there, as his eyes roamed over her body.

Chantel Seabrook currently resides in London, Ontario, with
her husband and two daughters. She is passionate about writing and enjoys
reading fantasy, paranormal romance, and science fiction. Chantel has a
four-year Anthropology degree from Western University.

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