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A Reliant Love by Taylor Lavati - Book Tour

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A Reliant Love
(A Reliant Love Series: Book One)
Author Taylor Lavati
Blog Tour


Nathalie Carter wants one
thing: independence. She has paid her dues by living at home under her parents’
watchful eyes, earning grades to give her a ticket out and joining clubs she
had no interest in to get into college. She plans to experience things she
believes every new adult should—from falling in love to playing beer pong and
pulling an all-nighter to skipping class because she’s too hungover. But
nothing ever seems to go as planned, and she gets pulled into a world she never
imagined existed.

Samuel Torrington’s past refuses to release him
from its vise-like grip; but he has a plan, and once his senior year of college
is over, he can finally move away and start anew. His addictions help him get
through day-to-day life, but he’s constantly battling darker demons.

Fate brings the two together, and chance takes
them on a roller coaster ride that neither would dare hop off. Within destiny’s
grasp, they realize there are two things impossible to fight—addiction and

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Pusha- Lloyd

Lips of an Angel- Hinder

Semi-charmed Life- Third Eye Blind

Over This- Ace Enders

Goodbye My Lover- James Blunt

Scars- Papa Roach

Lit Up- Buckcherry

Animal I Have Become- Three Days Grace

I Miss You- Blink 182

Stay- Florida Georgia Line

Breathe Me- Sia

Interview with Sam

Please state your name, age and something about yourself.
  • Sam Torrington, twenty-two years old. I'm a senior here and waiting to get out.

Get out from where exactly?
  • Here. You know, why are we even doing this interview? I don't get it. I've never been interviewed once since starting at UMA four years ago. You guys are slacking.

Let's get back to you, Sam. What do you like to do in your free time?
  • *sighs* Well, I don't have much free time. I'm a business major and trying to finish as fast as possible. Plus, I have to work in the summers to afford my house. Doesn't leave me with much time. 

So you don't do anything for yourself?
  • Not really. 

What was your high school experience compared to college?
  • Seriously? You're asking me about high school. I don't talk about high school anymore. But if I learned one thing it's that we all don't deserve to be happy. Some people are just meant to float along in life. That's me. So that's why I'm getting the hell out of here so I can just live in peace and quiet.

That's an interesting plan. What will you do when you leave?
  • I'll have my business degree so I can get a job. Maybe, I'll open a store in the mountains somewhere where not a lot of people go. My house will be hidden in the woods, nobody can find me, even if they wanted to. There will be just enough room for just me and it will be quiet all the time. Maybe I'll get a dog, but only if I get lonely. I don't need much.

That's actually really beautiful. Why do you want to be alone?
  • It's not what I want, it's what I deserve. I ruined a lot of things and if I'm alone in the woods, I can't ruin much more. Nobody even has to interact with me. I can't do much harm up there.

Anything you're looking forward to this year at UMA?
  • Finishing. My classes are pretty easy. All I have to do is show up to my classes and I'm good to go. It'll be bittersweet saying goodbye but I'm ready. I just have to remain distant from my peers and I'll be good.

Anyone you'll miss?
  • My roommate Karina and I have gotten close. Her boyfriend, Frank. Sometimes he's a douche, but I'll miss his humor. Sarah will be the toughest but she's the reason I have to go.

Who is Sarah?
  • Nobody. I'm done here. Thanks. 

About the

Taylor Lavati is a twenty-something year old author residing in a
small town in Connecticut with her husband and dog. She writes both Young Adult
and New Adult romances with ranging genres from fantasy, A Curse Books trilogy,
to dark romance, A Reliant Love. Her books have all hit #1 on the Amazon
bestselling chart for their categories! When not writing, she enjoys playing
video games, hiking, and spending time with family.

Romance with a bit of CHAOS.

Visit her at

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Chat with her @taylorjlavati

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What Others Are Saying

"I absolutely loved this book. Taylor's writing style really sucks you into this story of the darker side of life. Most people love to read about happily ever afters and lighthearted love story, but that isn't what life is like. I always say ignorance is bliss. And to read this novel about how life is really like is just amazing. Don't take my word for it, don't read these reviews. Read the book yourself, and you will see the struggles of these characters and feel what they feel. You won't regret it." 
Karlin The Bibliophile(Contreras)

"I bought this book on recommendation, and fell in love. The characters pull you in and make you invested. Mad, sad, worried, and over the moon with joy are just some of the emotions I experienced while reading this amazing book. I couldn't put it down! I can not wait to start the second book to see how am deals with his past and the consequences of his actions!" 
The Book Blog ~Jessica

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