What if souls destined for Heaven were sometimes sent to Hell by mistake? Someone would have to go to Hell, retrieve the soul and take them to Heaven Gate. Someone like Getter, a Soul Retriever hired to find a ten year old girl soul, the same age as his daughter would have been. This retrieval, he takes personally.

While there, Getter hears a Prophecy saying he will be important to the future of Hell and all Life. He wants no part of any prophecy. Neither does Mephisto, head of Helland Security, since he plans to take over Hell from Satan. Along with Sneaker, a new vampire with a chip on her shoulder just learning how to be a vampire, and new friends, both soul and demon, Getter steals the girl’s soul and races to Heaven Gate with Mephisto in pursuit to the last hellish inch.

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** I received a free copy from the author to review**

Soul Retrievers is an interesting horror novel with a new take on Hell. It had a sort of Constantine-esque feel to it, at least in my opinion, and I kinda liked how different it was.

The main character, Getter, is a Soul Retriever. His job is to walk into Hell (yes, the actual Hell) and retrieve souls that don't belong there. Occasionally, good souls get mistaken for damned ones and get sent to suffer eternally, rather than spend the afterlife in Heaven.

The story starts with Getter's newest mission into Hell: save a young soul named Brittany. She's 10 and, according to her parents, doesn't belong anywhere near Hell. But Getter's mission isn't going to be as easy as he thinks. There's trouble brewing in Hell, and this visit might just be his last.

I don't want to say anything more or spoil anything, because I do sense a potential sequel based on the ending. I know I'd like to read more about what's going on in the fiery depths.

Anyway, I have to rate Soul Retrievers 4 stars. The story itself is very unique, and the cast of characters you meet along the way are pretty darn awesome. You've got your likable ones, such as Getter, Sneaker, and Gregory. And you've got the ones you can't stand, like Mephisto and McFetter.

Plot-wise, there are some slower moments that I had to force myself to get through, but it's a pretty quick read (if you're not simultaneously reading two books at once), and it's got enough action, drama, and suspense to keep you hooked (pun intended haha) until the very end.

The world building is also quite stunning. There are different areas of Hell, and each section has its own band of creatures that will torment and torture you. It's gritty, imaginative, and so cool. I think my favorite creature mentioned in Hell is probably the Skyhook. Or the Taurs. I like them, too.

If you enjoy horror novels, or want to read something exciting about a very risky job that not many would be keen to do, then pick up a copy of Soul Retrievers. It's really that good.I give it four stars!

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David Burton has been a boat builder, sailor, and custom cabinetmaker and has traveled by thumb, motorcycle, and sailboat. Upon returning from sailing in the South Pacific, he turned to writing. His first published book was a mystery, Manmade for Murder. Hell Cop, a supernatural adventure story, was his second published novel. Blood Justice, a vampire revenge novel, will be published by By Light Unseen Media, in 2010. He has also written screenplays, including an adaptation of his Hell Cop and Fear Killer novels. He now lives with his wife in Southern California and is working on more stories and characters that pass thorough his life and brain in both novel and screenplay form.
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