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Altar Bound by Linnea Alexis - Book Blitz

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Altar Bound
By Linnea Alexis
Third book in the Crystal River series.

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It’s been a tough few months for Sarah Richman, but things are looking up as she heads to Crystal River for a wedding where she didn’t expect to find the best man she’s ever met.

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Every morning she dropped in at the lodge to have breakfast with Lacey and Dane in their large, industrial-sized and styled kitchen. And every morning Travis came by to grab some coffee.

The first day, he’d poured himself a mug of coffee, took a sip, nodded his head and left. Sarah looked at Lacey, who smirked and went back to making breakfast. Day two, he’d poured the coffee, took a sip and said, “Nice morning.” Then left. Lacey laughed when Sarah fish-mouthed, looking for something intelligent to say.

On the third day, Sarah spoke first while he was pouring his coffee. “Hey. How’s it going?”

“So far so good. See ya later, ladies.”

That was it. He walked out into the bright sunshine and didn’t look back.

“I have half a mind to not be here tomorrow morning just to see if he notices.”

Lacey shook her head. “Honey, believe me, he notices every inhale you take. Give him a chance to warm up. He’s a bit skittish.”

“Meaning?” Sarah wondered why it mattered. She wasn’t going to be around for more than three to four weeks.

“Meaning, his track record is worse than yours. One woman, compared to your cast of characters…”


“Truth.” Lacey grinned.

Sarah grunted. “Aaaand?”

“And, I’m guessing he feels everything deeply, so his wounds take longer to heal.”

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Other books in the series

HS Cover


When her grandson wins a music camp essay contest, Bree Elise must confront the secrets of her past and the man who thirty years ago stole her heart--and who has been searching for her ever since.

A love that cannot be denied…

 Rock star Sammy West has one last opportunity to make things right with Bree Elise, the woman who had packed up her bass guitar and walked out on him. He never stopped loving her and thought he’d never see her again until a contest essay leads Sammy to Bree. When he shows up to present the winning guitar, Bree is forced to face a painful past and reveal a secret she’d buried many years ago. With hurt on both sides, unless they learn to forgive they’ll never be able to recapture the deep love they once shared.

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SB Cover


After two failed marriages, blues singer Lacey Pine took to living a vagabond musician's existence until she inherited her grandmother's lodge in Crystal River, Wyoming, where Dane Richardson and a fateful snowstorm are about to show her the best reason to settle down.


Blues singer Lacey Pine is unlucky in love and has the emotional battle scars to prove it. Men have become transient dalliances, untrustworthy for more than a night or two, so when she inherits her grandmother’s rundown lodge in the hills of Crystal River, Wyoming, Lacey considers renovating and staying…or selling. Either way, she’s in this alone and means to stay that way.


Dane Richardson had it all, a successful military career and the woman of his dreams, until the ravages of war nearly cost him his leg. Discharged and disabled, abandoned by his girl, Dane finds himself adrift on the sea of life—until he takes a wintry trip to Crystal River, Wyoming, where a foolish moment of self-pity and a fierce snowstorm turn trying to keep warm into the best thing that ever happened to him. Now he just has to convince Lacey Pine that he’s worth risking her heart.

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