Monday, July 18, 2016

Battleborn by S.I. Hayes - Blurb Reveal

by S.I. Hayes
Blurb Reveal
Contemporary, Military Romance

Caitlin Colten has everything to look forward to.
She's 19, starting college in the fall at her first choice school
and has the love of two wonderful parents.
She should be on cloud 9, but not all is what it seems for this
All American Girl.

She is the survivor of rape. All those involved have been held
accountable, but her heart and mind are still affected daily by its aftermath.

Her father hopes his new position will bring the stability she

Can Caitlin overcome her trauma and find herself again or will she
fall victim to the traps of her own body and mind once more?

Shannon (S. I.) Hayes has been telling tales for so long as she
has been able to talk, and began writing them down shortly thereafter.
In Dreams... Series, The
Roads trilogy, began in 2006 after a D&D campaign ended, Hayes took the
world and a series was created. It took five years as she spent many months at
a time in an undiagnosed Bi-Polar fog. In 2010, she finally found the help she
needed and she has been writing feverishly ever since. Shannon is the Co-Author
Awakenings: The Wrath Saga. She has
several blogs and maintains her own website.

In her own words... I have a mind that is easily distracted and
prone to wandering. Tangents are my forte, and if you think my characters are
going to fit a cookie cutter shape of any kind, think again. They live, they
love, they eat, sleep, and fuck. I believe that people are inherently sexual
creatures and my characters, be they human or something altogether else, are no

I don't adhere to a single genera, I toe the line on several and
wouldn't presume to be a master of any. So I suppose you could call me

I am a truth seeker, in my life, in my work. I’d apologize for it,
but I kinda can't help m’self. It's my best and worse personality trait, well
mostly. Being Bi-Polar I guess you could say that is the worst. But I believe
that the disorder has made me, well... Me.
I have taken this life and twisted, carved, shaped, and molded it
into the worlds of my characters. Albeit with a chainsaw, and it has made all
the difference.

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