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Who's New by Cindy Helms - Book Tour & Review

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Children’s Book / Picture Story Book
Date Published: April 14, 2016

Birdie and his friends are back! All of Birdie's friends in the town of Ponderville are in for a treat. Someone new is moving to Ponderville! In this second picture book by Cindy Helms, everyone is curious to see who could possibly be their new neighbor.   Part mystery and part matching game, Birdie and his friends track down and reveal “Who's New” with intriguing shapes leading the way.  How well the newcomer will fit in? Will Ponderville be welcoming?
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My Review
** I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review**
Who's New is a fun illustrated kid's book that will definitely appeal to little ones between the ages of 1 and 6. Although I'm sure kids of all ages would enjoy it, as well. 
The story has very little dialogue, and basically asks kids to try and figure out who the new character in town is. It involves examining the illustrations and matching the right "shadow" with the character that is new. 
I read this to my 18 month old son, and he laughed every time I read off the character names. He also liked looking at the illustrations, and discovering who the new character was. 
I found Who's New to be fun, educational, silly, and cute. I'd definitely recommend it to parents of younger children. I give it five stars!

          Cindy Helms is an artist based out of Centennial, CO. She has two sons and two cats. 
                                 She loves road trips, camping, and being around friends.

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